Two and a Half Men Review: Just Being Miley

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For a episode that started with a lot of promise, "You Know What the Lollipop Is For” went downhill faster than guest star Miley Cyrus' movie career.

The half hour seemed based around this 19-year old and, after awhile, she was simply annoying with her nasal voice, accent and incessant chatter. I may never look at the state of Mississippi the same ever again.

Walden's Guest

Missy was getting all sweet on Walden, but she was warming him up for her mom, which in turn, made him feel old. And it didn't help that his memory was going or that he goes to sleep so early these days.

But, hey, surprise! Missy and Jake hooked up, albeit temporary, as she already has a boyfriend, a doctor who repairs glass. Jake might have had dreams crushed, but he's maturing as a result. Heartbreak can do that do a young man.

There wasn't much else to this installment. Visit our Two and a Half Men quotes section for a couple funny one-liners and let's all be glad Cyrus isn't a series regular.


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Miley so annoying don't want to watch my fav show


Miley is a sweet lollipop, i think she's adorable!


I was glad to see Jake. I missed his cute, still kind of a boy, contribution, to the mix. Milely was a spunky addition to this episode. I did like the situation where Walden had romantic ideas about her and she cuts him off at knees by wanting to set him up with her mother. However, I do not think Miley should be a regular because she could overpower the premise of the the original plot line.


this remind me of the episode when meg fox and charle couldnt have her


Miley was HORRIBLE!!!!! I hope they never ask her back. It was very bad acting on her part. Her character reminded me of Kelly Clarkson's character on Reba. They need to bring Jake back everyweek. He brings more comedy to the show.


i cut this show out of my shows to watch this season and so far it's been a good choice. having miley in this episode was more than enough reason for me not to watch. the only episode i watched was the one that had lindsey in it and even that was crap. now with that ridiculous haircut she has and her annoying voice. was tortured for the last few minutes while i waited for person of interest to start.

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Alan: You know how old she is.?
Walden: 18 or 19.
Alan: Well, you might lose a friend but you are not going to jail.

That, my friends, is what happens when hillbillies have unprotected sex with hummingbirds.