Vampire Diaries Giveaway: Support TBDA, Win Cast-Signed Posters!

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Listen up, Vampire Diaries fans: Candice Accola could use your help.

The actress is closely involved with the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA), an organization that brings awareness to Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne diseases and educates the public on how to protect oneself against these infections.

On Sunday, October 28th, the TBDA will sponsor a Virtual Walk (online on Twitter and Facebook) to raise awareness and money to help eradicate Lyme and other Tick-Borne diseases. TBDA will be actively fundraising all month, with the goal of beating last year with $30,000 in donations.

Accola explains and promotes the event in the following Public Service Announcement:

So… how can you help? AND win yourself a signed Candice Accola poster in the process? OR a poster signed by Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and other cast members? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Follow the Tick-Borne Alliance on Twitter: @TBDAlliance.
  2. Send the follow tweet "Help @CandiceAccola and @TBDAlliance stop Lyme disease. #TickNTweet"
  3. TV Fanatic will select TWO followers who complete both these steps. Each will receive a poster signed by various cast members, from Candice Accola to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.

NOTE: Visit the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance/Virtual Walk for a SECOND chance to win cool prizes!

That's all it takes to win a piece of memorabilia and to support an important cause. The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only and ends on October 28, 2012. 

Good luck, click the banner below to donate - and thank you!

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Love how this cast do so much work for worthy causes as well as work ridiculous hours filming our favourite tv show.


I WILL LITERALLY CRY IF I WIN THIS! I am OBSESSED with The Vampire Diaries and would do Anything to get a SIGNED POSTER!!!! What is also important is the tick borne diseases!!!


Would really love to win!!!

David and sabrina 2014

I'd like to donate but who knows how much I can do for this fundraiser especially when the economy has problems sometimes. I can't wait for the next episode of season 4. =)


I'm glad I'm twittering this for a good cos. If i win or lose i know Lyme disease had got what money needed. So good luck on the contest and twittering everyone.


I would literally cry if I won this. I WOULD LOVE to get a SIGNED poster from them. If I win I'm going to put a video up on my YouTube account of my reaction


OMG! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! :O I tweeted and followed! Candice Accola is amazing, and she's even more brilliant now that I know she does brilliant things like this!Xxxx
Cant wait for the new the vampire diaries episode!!!Xxxxxx


Can't you do something that doesn't involve Twitter for once?!?! I don't have a Twitter account and I don't plan on getting one!!

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