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it was such a stupid move to do a love triangle between these 3

Agreed. It should have been Klaus/Caroline/Stefan or Klaus/Caroline/Kol. Way more interesting than Klarowood


"Who gives a shit" should be an option
LMFAOOOOO. Nah I chose Klouds. Holy shit 70%


Klaus, always! Klaroline is the best!!


Klaus no contest.


I do not think Caroline and Tyler really a relationship, as I have already said I think leu relation is a series of one night stand. In absolutely ALL the episode I watched with all that Tyler and Caroline do is have sex.

I know that sex is an important part of a relationship, but I do not think they really need to sleep together all the time. It's not romantic and it's very creepy.

Elena and Stefan slept together yet their relationship did not turn anything around sex, even Rose and Damon was not really all that have had bed together several times a deeper relationship that Caroline and Tyler, and Jeremy Anna also had to sleep in and yet all seems their relationship did not revolve around sex.

And Caroline did not want the wealth of Klaus, she has cast her bracelet in the face because it will be bought by keeping it against the drawing of Klaus on bedside table because it was drawing something real and true that Klaus had offered.

Don't tell me she forgot about the drawing on her nightstand.

You don't keep anything from someone you don't like on a nightstand, where you can see it everytime you walk in your room. To me she's glad that someone is concerned about what she wants in life (since she has her life ahead of her) despite who he is!

Oh and the "I don't know", we all know what it means...Just sayin'!

So Klaroline ftw !


forwood ftw. it was such a stupid move to do a love triangle between these 3


All these writers know how do is write crappy love triangles.


...........................klaus forever ................................


She should be with Tyler... For now. I think the relationship between tyler and caroline needs to flesh out a little unitl a Decent and Justified Breakup. After that breakup, a tragic occurance must happen that can bring klaus and caroline together- this time with her wanting him - on a emotional level (though physical attraction would be greatly appreciated). This is how i would do it- Take notes Julie Plec.


"Who gives a shit" should be an option....I hope they turn Tyler back into a normal werewolf this season and drop all the hybrid nonsense.

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