Will Chuck and Blair Get Married on Gossip Girl?

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We've already mused about Chuck and Blair having a kid on the Gossip Girl finale.

That flash-forward scenario would likely entail them getting married first, however.

After this week's Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, do you think that seems likely?

Sexy Chair Look

It's not totally far-fetched, given their agreement, but it's not a slam-dunk either.

TV Line says "one of them will fail to accomplish an important item" on their personal to-do lists, potentially throwing a wrench into their plan to get together for good after spending time working on themselves.

Also, reports say we won't see B's ring resurface for another few weeks at least, and that no one other than Blair and Chuck knows of their pact. Not necessarily bad news, but it looks like hurdles remain for Chair.

Sound off on what you foresee - and want to see - for the couple below.

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BTW She'll still be wearing it on the necklace it just wont be seen since only her and Chuck know of their pact


Ask A said might or could not that it would


When these two are going to get married? we've been waiting for 3 years now.


Chuck will find out what Bart's hiding then with Blair's help he'll decide not to take his father down because he's a good man and doesnt need or want Bart and his negative influence in his life and then he'll marry Blair and start his own empire


Fuck dan, i don't know what's give him the right to judge CB's relationship or give his opinion?.Nothing. Chuck and blair love each other, and they do whatever they want to do with their relationship.If they want to take it slow they will, i don't see why this is any of his business.


Well I have a big felling that B wasn´t sure about the pact. I´m not a Dair shipper but hell Dan was so right in tha speech he gave to B. I think B and C are not aware about they relationship, I mean a real one, they have the idea about being together, but they have change, belive it or not, they are not the same kids playing games. I really can´t see them together anymore, not as a couple,not as parents.
p.s: by the way why in earth is B so upset with Dan,he was right. And still B just felt in this first episode they broke up, that was a summer ago girl, Dan knew it and you din´t? B was the one ending that by choosing C.


I am so sick of these writers, they really are good at nothing. Why can't they just be together and be married already?.They should have done this last year but no they wasted this sl with a guest star and they keep doing the same shitty sl over and over. Is that so complicated to write them as a couple?.They don't deserve any of their fans and i am glad that the show will be over soon. I swear i would never watch a show if any of these writers write it. I think i will be done with cw shows.

Elise of the upper east side

They better get married. I will personally hunt down these moronic writers if it doesn't happen and if it's not perfect. That is all.


OF COURSE!!! they have to get married! Monday's episode was amazing. the two of them were perfect in it. i absolutely love Chuck he is so freaken adorable and he loves blair so much! the two of them NEED their happy ending!


thjey need their happy ending. the writers have been torturing the chairshippers for too long!! Chair wedding!!

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