90210 Review: The Hollywood Bowl and The Hot Smart Chick

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Dixon's got "99 Problems" but being engaged to a cheater ain't one! 

Sorry, I just couldn't resist a Jay Z introduction with an episode title like that. Yes, it was the 99th episode of 90210 and it laid a lot of groundwork for next week's milestone 100th installment. The outing also included a bevy of guest stars, including Amber Stevens, Natalie Morales and a performance by Ne-Yo.

Will Adrianna Come Clean?

There was a lot of deception going on this week. For starters, this whole Ade and Dixon relationship. Do you think Ade should've been honest? Doesn't Dixon deserve to know that he's still living with a cheater, especially when he's about to make their relationship into a business arrangement as well? Truly, I think Adrianna needs to come clean simply because it's the right thing to do. 

Hey, guess what, guys?! Neil Lane is doing a holiday collaboration with Kay Jewelers! I mean, 90210 has a billion guest stars and is fairly popular, did they need the beyond obvious holiday sponsorship? That ad was just too much! I'm sorry, but Neil Lane designed the rings of Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and Kate Beckinsale, he isn't gonna pop by your friend's Beverly Hills mansion to sell you a pair of earrings from his Kay collection. They're pretty... but no.

Also, I'm supposed to believe that Liam would remember important information from a fertility specialist, but he wouldn't bother to call the studio to make sure his new "bodyguard" was actually not just some crazy fan? C'mon Liam, you should know better by now. You can be hot and smart, just ask Max's new partner Bryce! Amber Stevens from my beloved Greek, (I miss that show) began her stint as a guest star and Max's new business partner. Naomi better get her jealousy in check.

I just want to say that Annalynne McCord has been sexy since her arrival on our TV screens in Nip/Tuck. The show doesn't need to try so hard to make her alluring by prancing her around in lingerie and leather trench coats. She already exudes that appeal and is hilarious and vivacious.

Lest you think I am only here to criticize, let me just saw bravo to the writers for giving Navid a week off. Nobody wants to hang out with him right now, not even the audience! As for my favorite storyline? Riley and Annie really sold it to me in this episode. My favorite scene took place by the pool when Riley asked what she would do to any guy who stood her up and she landed that slap! 

Even better was when Riley pulled her into the pool. Hey sexy time! There's nothing hotter than a pool hook up. You all remember the Dylan and Kelly scene from the original 90210 right? If not go YouTube it.

I'm digging Riley and Annie if they can keep their fighting in check. I know with them it seems like foreplay, so hopefully it won't take over the actually enjoyable times between the two.

What did everyone think of the episode? What'd you think of Adrianna's performance? Is Liam's bodyguard even a bodyguard at all? Are you excited for the 100th episode next week? Hit the comments! 


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Sarah silva

I thought this was a pretty good episode.
I know I am one of the few that liked Silver and Liam as a couple and everytime I see them together I want them to be a couple again. While we did have a sweet Liam and Annie moment, I still like Silver and Liam as a couple.
I can see why Riley got upset at Annie but for being such a tough guy he seemed to be a little overly sensitive on that whole issue. He also can be a bit of a jerk too, but I think it is because deep down he is not as tough as he likes people to think he is. I liked the last scene with them when they both said how they were feeling and I think that was the break through they needed and I really hope that is the end of drama for Annie for awhile and she gets to have a great relationship for awhile.
Naomi and Max are super cute, I loved every scene with them and I really want Bryce to be a nice girl not a mean girl and would like to see her and Naomi become friends.
I knew from the first words out of her mouth that the cop was bad, I bet she is not really a cop, just another crazy obessessed girl that we have to see go after Liam...enough with that already, is she Vanessa 2.0?
I feel bad for Dixon, Ade needs to end it already!


It's just crazy how much chemistry Lannie have even while sharing 3 seconds long scene. So obvious there is still something there and I'm patiantly waiting for it. Liam and Silver. Makes no sense to me and Silver looks pathetic chasing him, the guy is not into you Lord. Get over it. He has his own issues why he needs to care for your eggs??? it would be logical if she asked either Teddy or Annie to go with her. Riley and Annie. God, please no. These two have less chemistry that Stefan and Sherif Forbes. Naomi and Max. Boring and repetitive plot. Whatever. I still don't get why Naomi is lead. Dixon and Ade. Whatever. Never cared for either of them.


I've been saying this from the beginning of the season Ade only went back to Dixon out guilt because he was in a wheelchair and how do you break up with a dude in a wheelchair! If Dixon never got into that car accident Ade would have never taken him back and she and Taylor would of probably been dating. I just feel like Ade is the only who is there for Dixon and gives things up for him like her putting her music career on hold when he got into that car accident. I'm sorry i just don't like Dixon and Ade together anymore she might still "love" but don't think she is in love with anymore! And when they break up it's probably going to be ALL Ade's fault when in actual fact Dixon is just as to blame for where there relationship is, Yes fair enough she shouldn't of cheated but wouldn't of if Dixon wasn't a complete moody douche bag that took all his frustrations out on her..........he drove her away!


Bryce's dress at the concert --Amazing -- does anybody know the designer? Thx!


Bryce's dress at the concert - amazing! Dies anyone know the designer?


Looks like I know where this Natalie Morales arc is going. BUT YEY, LANNIE!


And the pessimist in me, makes me believe Byrce will end up being dodgy. The new characters always do on this show.


I love how this show can't introduce new characters without them being sketchy. Haha.


I'm glad Naomi's character is still developing much further. I'm glad she woke up to her insecurities and allowed Bryce to join Max's company.
Annie and Riley are just a snooze fest to me. It's not going to work out per usual for Annie. It was pretty obvious that there was still some chemistry between Annie and Liam - the writers need to make this happen - and soon!
Speaking of Liam, I've given up on his level of intelligence. The boy really is dumber than a box of hammers. However, I'm kind of digging the Siam thing, but I also want a pure boy-girl friendship that doesn't land two characters in bed together.
Dixon and Adrianna... Well, I'm glad the writers have put together their chemistry again. The writers did a great way of destroying, but hopefully they wake up to themselves and build it back up again.
No Navid? Who's complaining? I wish they'd just end his character already by killing him off and bring back Teddy.


moment. I have to rewatch the episode.
Annie-She must have went shopping, because her outfits were so good in this episode. she wasn't dressed as a sunflower today...Thank Goodness!Currently, Annie and Riley are the best thing to watch on this show. The slap was awesome, and the pool scene was cute. They remind me of Lannie...and speaking of Lannie...woohoo, got a scene.
Navid-who? not in this episode, and I'm glad. If he was, the episode would have been too messy and it would be called 9999999999 problems with Navid.

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