ABC to Cancel Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

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ABC has announced the cancellation of two new programs, though there's a twist:

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will complete their initial 13-episode order before going off the air.

Sam & Marcus Prepare for Negotiations
666 Park Avenue Cast Pic

Though Last Resort has received critical acclaim, it struggled to hit six million viewers on a weekly basis, garnering only 5.8 during a critical airing this past Thursday.

The scary writing has been on the wall longer for 666 Park Avenue. It often fell below five million total viewers and, though placed in an alluring timeslot following Once Upon a Time and Revenge, failed to attract a regular audience.

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I am really addicted to 666 park avenue with it many twists and turns!! Please give it another chance ABC!!


The unfair cancellation of 666 Park Avenue (a wonderfully well-written and suspenseful show) proves to me 2 things: (1) ABC DOES NOT care about us viewers and (2) ABC themselves will do ANYTHING to save money. ABC, SHAME ON ALL OF YA'LL!!!!! Assholes.

Leon alexis

Nooo!!! Don't do this to me!! I love 666 PA more and more. Jane is going crazy, poor girl. Strang things happen at the Drake!


I stopped watching first seasons on ABC because they always cancel the second. 666 is a great show. So was The Gates, Kyle Xy, and so many others. I guess the next is Grey's Anatomy, which now deserves to be canceled. It sucks without Lexy and Mark.


I enjoyed both of these shows tremendously and am disappointed that ABC didn't give them the time needed to build an audience. Those who schedule the programming really do make poor decisions. Knowing that PRIVATE PRACTICE is ending, why couldn't ABC just put one of these new dramas in its spot on Tuesday nights and give it a better chance to succeed? It's the weakest night with hardly any competition. But, instead, both LR & 666PA were expected to pull an audience away from established shows like BIG BANG THEORY & THE MENTALIST.


@Bria - If you want people to take your criticisms seriously, try writing coherently like someone with a real college education. Bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and name-calling do not give your point of view any credence. Calling professional television writers (the kind who get paid) "stupid" when you can't even write a complete sentence correctly nullifies your entire argument.


Bottom line is that 666 Park Ave. better tie up a lot of loose strings before it retires for good.


I never watcted 666 park avene. But I watcted Last Resort and I feel asleep on it before the FIRST commerical it was so boring.


What I don't get is why the put a "critically acclaimed" show in the worst slot possible. You are asking for it to be canceled by putting it up against the other 8pm shows that get and have their dedicated audiences. That's poor decision making on ABC's part.


Nooooooooooooooooooo! I loooove Last Resort!

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