Arrow Review: Hiding In Plain Sight

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Another week in Starling City, another shocker. Actually, "Muse of Fire" gave us more than just one new bad guy.

It introduced viewers to a possible love interest; an identity reveal; and the early stages of a full out mob war. Somebody is targeting the associates of the Bertinelli crime family, who ever could it be?

Oliver on a Date

When Moira is shot for standing with someone who owed the Bertinelli crime family, Oliver is determined to take that person down. So determined, in fact, that he leaves his own mother lying and bleeding in the street to try and get a glimpse of the license plate.

I know he was doing it to seek justice for his mother, but as Diggle told him sometimes you need to be a little emotional and stay in the moment, maybe hold your mom's hand until the EMTs get there. 

As Moira told Thea, I think people often forget that Oliver was living on a deserted island for five years. One with the Mandarin name for "purgatory." Oliver's social and emotional skills need adjustment. Then again, he probably won't ever be able to relate to people the way he did before.

I just think we need to stop judging him for the Oliver he was and start accepting him for the Oliver he is. | permalink

This actually reminds me of Emily Thorne's quest for justice on Revenge. While she may have a childhood love for whom she still harbors feelings, after everything she's gone through, she's going to be compatible with a completely different type of person now. That brings me back to Arrow and the Huntress.

Not to upset the Laurel/Ollie shippers, but I am really feeling Oliver and Helena. They are both vigilantes in their own way. It was evident from the moment they had dinner and she asked if there were parts of the island he missed. Not many people would ever think to ask that, nor would they think there was anything appealing about being on a deserted island. It was obvious she was a little darker from the get go. It looks like everybody's family has their drama.

Truthfully, I watched this episode twice and went back and looked at clips on YouTube after John Barrowman was revealed to be Mr. Merlyn. I'm sure a lot of you predicted it, but I was really wowed for a minute there. So the Queens and the Merlyns are both caught up in things they shouldn't be, which makes sense considering they are both very powerful business families with shady secrets. 

Were you expecting that to be Barrowman's identity? 

The question now is where does this leave Tommy with his father? What exactly was Mr. Merlyn trying to convince Moira when he creepily visited her in bed? Also, do you think a full out war will emerge now that The Chinese Triad is being blamed for the Bertinelli shootings? It sure looks that way.

Last, but certainly not least, what did you think of the introduction of The Huntress? Do you agree she and Oliver have chemistry?


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The idea of the show is that Laurel and Oliver will end up together. The thing is, it could (and probably will) take a long time. In the meantime, there has to be something going on, right? Oliver can relate to Helena, but he does not love her. He barely knows her. He loves Laurel, and has decided to stay away from her to protect her and himself. Laurel has mixed feelings, she loves him but she knows he's not trustworthy. I think that she getting involved with Tommy is a bad idea, he may be nicer and more charming than Oliver, but they are very similar, or rather, he is very similar to Laurel's image of Oliver. The new Oliver has many layers and has more depth, Tommy is a rich boy with no credit card. That tantrum was telling. I don't feel sorry for him, sorry. Get a job!!! I think the only reason the writers are pushing Tommy and Laurel is to get her on a storyline that does not mix her with Oliver, because she has to be on the show, but putting them together too often could end up in too many rejections on both sides to become tiresome.


I'm glad Oliver has another person to confide in and I like him with Helena a lot more than I do with Laurel. I don't really see why Laurel and Oliver should be together other than they have a history. I like Laurel with Tommy a lot more. She smiles and laughs more with him. There's always tension with Oliver. I was completely shocked by Tommy's father; I definitely did not see it coming. I don't watch Revenge so I can't comment on the similarities, but the theme of revenge is nothing new.


I'm so sick of people relating this show to Batman and bloody Revenge! You might as well say shows like Emily Owens, M.D. is like Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural is like Grimm. This show has a completely different tone and feeling to it, with characters that you can actually enjoy unlike Revenge. Season 2 has gone to crap with that show.
Now, as for the one true thing that shocked me due to the incredible twist: Jack Barrowman is Tommy's father? DAMN! Should've seen that one coming.


Ahhh yes,give the terminator a love interest :)


@fortyseven: i was thinking of some of these similarities myself! for a few minutes, i couldn't go past the photo.


The previews for the next episode looks good, glad to finally see another love interest for Oliver, I was shocked to see Tommy's dad, & I agree Tommy is in his late 20s to early's about time he starts making his own money & stop living of his dad..but am I the only one who felt like the actors look to close to in age for them to be father & son lol. & I'm still confused at Thea's age, she's still in high school but let they let her go out & drink every night at adult clubs.. I was happy to only see a little of Laural her & Tommy were cute at the end

Leigh r

@katrina -Revenge is the best!!!! I got to review it last week, check it out. @fortyseven I'll def read that


i have started to like Laurel with Tommy and Oliver with Helena. @Leigh: i didnt know you watched revenge too. great comparison of Oliver with Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. We have good taste in picking out shows!! :)


Great episode, I've completely shifted to Oliver/Helena shipper, these two have great chemistry. Their date was great to watch especially when she mentioned her fiancee and Oliver looked disappointed but learned he died. He obviously had a thing for her from the start, I liked the mystery about her at first and he clearly relates to her in many ways. I don't think he'll get with Laurel any time soon and she seems happy with Tommy so its a win/win.
I was a bit shocked about Tommy's father but things will only get interesting from there am sure. I also really hope Moira confides in Walter cause she seems to be in way over her head with Merlyn and the mysterious powerful organisation.


The series has several faults but I did like this episode despite them.

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