Arrow Review: Screw The List

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For the past few weeks on of Arrow, we've had Oliver tell us how he came home from the island to right the wrongs committed by his father and others in Starling City. Everything was based off this list Oliver got from a book of his dad's.

In "Legacies," Diggle finally convinced Oliver that there was more than one way to save their beloved city. And it was awesome to watch.

Diggle vs. Arrow

Not every bad guy is going to be found on Robert Queen's hit list. By the way, it was very cool how we finally found out how the names showed up in the book. I've never heard of writing that shows up only when paper is held to smoke/fire. Does that mean Oliver might've thrown away part of it?

Despite a poetic plea by Oliver, Diggle ultimately convinced him that other people needed saving. 

I don't fight the street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city. I'm trying to cure the disease. | permalink

While that was very well-spoken of Oliver, it really isn't true. Yes, there are larger fish to fry, but lest he forget that his father "wasn't that man he thought he was." Robert Queen wrecked havoc on more than his fair share of Starling City citizens. That's what made this episode so interesting. Oliver really was doing justice for wrongs done by his parent. His father cost those people their jobs, denied them severance and became the reason a lot of them turned to crime.

The Royal Flush Gang was a product of desperation. The father wanted to maintain some dignity by refusing to take a job from the son of the guy who screwed him over. Perhaps he should've chosen to do someone other than be a criminal? Not exactly any pride in that, buddy. Still, I felt bad when he got shot in the end. They never set out to use the guns or kill people and his son went rogue when he shot that cop. That should've been the biggest sign to get out of the game.

I think Diggle is a good influence on Oliver, but my God do they need to come up with some better excuses for bailing on things when they need to go rescue people.

"Something's come up," just isn't going to cut it. And I hate to say this about my ab-licious sexy vigilante, but sometimes Stephen Amell's dialogue is a little cheesy and forced, particularly the voiceovers. I'd feel worse about saying this if I didn't read that most of you already wrote this in the comments. Glad we are on the same page!

I loved the family bonding that happened this week. Oliver, Thea and Moira need to interact more. The ending scene in the burger joint was especially sweet, even if I'm not sure about Moira's moral compass quite yet. There were lots of "Speedy" mentions. Might we see action from Thea's character sooner than we thought? 

Was this the first time you all picked up on Thea's crush on Tommy? It was for me, although I do recall him noting how hot she'd gotten in the pilot. It's too bad for her that Tommy is making a full play for Laurel. Besides, you can't fool around with your best friend's ex and your best friend's sister all at once. That's just awkward. We all know how romantic entanglements have fared for this group in the past... 

What did you all think of this week's episode of Arrow? Did you like seeing Oliver break away from the list? Are you into Laurel and Tommy together? Hit the comments!


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Then stop watching Fortyseven....Geez! If you don't like it then don't watch! It's that freakin' simple! But stop whining like a 5 yr old.


I'm sorry but no mention of Diggle's huge ass arms?!! Come on!


Stephen mentioned in an interview that Oliver would go after people that were not necessarily in Oliver's book. Diggle is best thing Oliver did in his crusade to clean up the corruption in his city. I agree that the excuse "Something came up" is rather lame.


I loved the Speedy references, I'm interested to see how the show brings the sidekick and Thea together since Oliver's sidekick Speedy was someone else. I wish that Moira and Ollie included Thea when they went to the burger joint.


Im almost with @Forteyseven in regards to almost quitting the series.This episode was Point Break 2.0 with the opening bank scene,and the lame Royale flush gang was .... Well lame !!. The acting by almost all the female characters would best fit a Roger Corman film. Honestly my creeping disdain for the show is mostly due to Stephen Amell . . . . Im sorry but he's still to damm Wooden and Robotic for me.His shoulders never seem to move around lol.I think he would shine at being a kick ass new Terminator should such a thing come up.Also today and last week i caught myself drifting away and not paying much attention when he as Oliver was on screen,but when the hood was on i was totally tuned in.


How old is Thea ? They showed her in a uniform when Moira told her she was grounded after school so I figure she still is in high school ..but they also allow her to go to Adult Nightclubs & drink .. So I'm confused about her age lol. & yea I picked up that she had a little crush on Tommy, I was just hoping that the episode wouldn't end in some weird kiss between them bc Thea is like 16-18 & Tommy is like in his mid to late 20s. The Royal flush gang was cool, I was hoping that there would be a daughter like in the Batman Beyond animated series & that she could be some type of love interest for Oliver ..I actually wish they could bring in another love interest in besides Laural.


Between some poor writing and a lot of poor acting, I'm close to quitting this series.


I thought this ep was good. It was good for Oliver to step out of his revengenda and try and right the wrongs his father by trying to help the family. Its just a shame that things had to end up that way... I don't think that this is a show about happy endings just yet. The dialogue at the beginning is a bit cliche and cheesy but everything else is much much better.


I am among those that find Oliver's dialogue can be pretty cheesy sometimes. However, I think it is a testament to the rest of the writing and characters on the show that I still tune in and look forward to a new show each week.


Really liked this epi.diggle and oliver working together is fantastic. tommy and laurel are cute. But she and oliver are hot!Its going to be hard to compete with their super sexy kiss.And isn't thea like 16??Tommy is 28.thats just nasty hopefully thea meets a guy her age soon.Or maybe when she turns 18.

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I don't fight the street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city, I'm trying to cure the disease.


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