Arrow Review: The Mission Comes First

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This week's Arrow earned a cold hard five stars! Everyone was involved in "Damaged," as there was a balance between love, family, business... and vigilante ass kicking.

After his arrest, Oliver backed Laurel against a wall when he proclaimed he wouldn't have an attorney represent him unless it was her. Was anyone really surprised that Laurel caved? Things have certainly thawed between this former couple over the past few weeks. 

Oliver Arrested

Hands down, my favorite scene was Laurel and Oliver in his bedroom at the party. You know, the "Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption" soiree that was in poor taste but simultaneously brilliant and amusing. Laurel hated Oliver even when she found out he was alive. Do you really blame her? Oliver was cheating on her with her sister when the yacht went down. Not only did she lose her love, but she lost part of her family. It took her awhile to realize that she wasn't the only one who suffered.

It may have taken a few weeks and a polygraph test to shift the relationship between these two, but they are definitely in a different place now. Sometimes the chemistry between people just cannot be ignored. Laurel hadn't ever thought what Oliver might've gone through on that island. When he was being targeted by others, her mama bear instinct to protect him came out, even if it put her at odds with her own father. 

I was so focused on what happened to my family that I didn't even stop and wonder what could've happened to you. | permalink

Well, for starters, there was a lot of torture. We finally met Deathstroke, though I felt it wasn't super clear that the masked man on the island who tortured Oliver was this infamous character. Maybe this is something that was easier for the comic book fans to pick up on, but either way he will definitely be a major force over the coming weeks. It's interesting that Oliver's loyalty and instincts kicked in right away on the island. 

Oliver technically didn't know the original Arrow at all, but that guy did save him and keep him alive. He sensed that the other dude who captured him was shady and not to be trusted. Trust seems to be a huge theme on this show. Oliver wants to tell his family the truth but knows he can't. Walter finally knows that Moira has been lying and betraying his trust by keeping the salvaged yacht in a warehouse.

I have to say, I've been surprised with the turn Moira has taken. In the pilot, I thought she was just awful. Yes, she may be working with the men on "the list" but I get the feeling it's not necessarily at her own free will. She did not put out the order for that security guard to be killed, she seemed genuinely upset that Walter was taking an indefinite leave of absence, and she issued quite the threat: 

If any member of my family so much as gets a paper cut, I will burn your entire world to ashes. | permalink

Wow! Remind me to keep that one in my arsenal for future use! I'm interested to see more of Moira's interactions with the people who know about the list. 

As predicted by many of you readers, Diggle took Oliver's place as the hooded man while Oliver was under house arrest. Throwing an obnoxious party was the perfect way to show people he was still just a playboy who couldn't possibly be out taking down criminals. After all, you can't be in two places at once.

Laurel and Detective Lance aren't dumb, but Oliver is keeping a pretty good cover for now. What did you think of this week's episode? How would you rank the kiss between Oliver and Laurel? What would you have worn to the prison party? What did you think of Deathstroke's introduction? Hit the comments! 


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Great show with great charaters, I hope that Arrow stays around for a long time. The CW has alot of great shows like Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast. I was a big fan of Smallville when it was on, was sad to see it end.


episode was just awesome


This show has been a very pleasant surprise. It has just the right amount of drama, action, special effects, and campiness that most successful super hero type TV shows and movies have. This particular episode was great and I enjoyed seeing more of what Oliver went through to become the man he is now. There is just one sub-plot that is starting to kind of annoy me - the whole on again-off again romance between Oliver and Laurel. She hates him, but is still attracted to him. Wait no, she really despises him. Scratch that,she does still love him but they can never be together. And that is why exactly? Because of her father? Her sister? Would she feel differently if she knew he was the Vigilante? I feel like a yoyo watching the constant push/pull of this relationship. So what now? Will Oliver go back to pretending to be a jerk around Laurel. Hopefully, they have moved past that nonsense. Hopefully Laurel won't start sleeping with Oliver's best friend again. It was one thing for them to have done that when they thought he was dead. Now that he is back in their lives, it would be kind of depressing to see that happen.


Is Detective Lance the only "ship in the quadrant," as it were? Why is he investigating the case of the Man in the Hood when he has an abundantly clear conflict of interest? If I were Det. Lance's captain, he would never have landed the case in the first place, since the first appearance of the Man in the Hood involved the very man that Lance blames for his daughter's death. Trying to keep a clear head in such a case would be nigh-on impossible. Is it any surprise that he linked Oliver with the Man in the Hood? Starling City is a big city, not a small town. Even in my own city of 50,000 - not exactly a metropolis - there are five or six detectives in the squad, plus a sergeant. The case of the Man in the Hood should be kicked to another detective. With the dismissal of the charges against Oliver, this should be an easy decision to make.


Marisa1983: Not double jeopardy. He wasn't acquitted; the charges were dismissed. Double Jeopardy is only an issue if you're acquitted. ilk_vomit: I'm with you in preferring Justin Hartley (and, in general, the way the character was handled). But I still enjoy ARROW.


Great episode, the island storyline was especially the best. It was all about the effect of one's actions. The clear link to the flashbacks was present: it all made sense. One negative point though: I think the producers have focused too much on Oliver/Green Arrow in the story and consequently have found no time to spend on characters such as Thea. She continuously talks about how she missed Oliver while he'd been on the island. Wouldn´t it be a good idea for her to become Green Arrow´s sidekick?
Looking forward to the next episode! Arrow is definitely, currently, one of the best running TV shows. Love it until now.

Sarah silva

This show still remains my favorite new show and is becoming my favorite show. It is so damn good!
Diggles got skills! While Oliver is out of this world with all the things he does, parkouring, fighting you name it, Diggle can certainly hold his own. I was not sure how Oliver would get out of the situation he was in and I thought it was great that Diggle pretended to be Arrow for the night. We have not seen lots of Tommy the last couple weeks. Hope we see more of him. We all know Laurel and Oliver will get back together but they will make us wait on that.
I guess Moira is not as evil as I thought she was, I still want to know what she is doing for that guy but it sure makes it seem like she did not have anything to do with the sinking of the yacht. I was not surprised that Walter left.
I think Oliver is super funny when he is playing the spoiled rich brat! Stepehen Ammell does it well. Oliver had a super funny but naughty line when he was with Tommy talking about the party!
I give this show 5 stars every week! I am already looking forward to buying the season and watching it over and over.


I have to disagree - I think Stephen Amell is doing a very good job. The other Arrow was too...warm and fuzzy.


Im having a hard time connecting with Stephen Amell as Oliver thus far.He's far to brooding and comes off as being robotic in this viewers eyes.I still like Smallvilles Green Arrow over Arrow's Green Arrow,and i wish they would of stuck with Justin Hartley as he had much more charisma and is somewhat of a better actor. On the plus side, The fight scene between Deathstroke and Yao Fei was terrific and probably the best action sequence the show has offered so far. Rather than the expected quick cuts and poor editing, the two wen all out in a series of well choreographed punches, slices, and throws.


Loved this episode. It was great seeing Oliver all calm during his interigation. I knew laurel would cave and come save his ass at some point. It looks like Thea is starting to get curious about Oliver since in the end we saw her looking at the arrow head he gave her when he came back from the island.

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