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Even though there was some fun flirtation between Cat and Evan on Beauty and the Beast this week, the friendship between Tess and Cat is what took a few steps forward, as Cat was faced with some odd moments due to her father's engagement.

Overall,"Worth" really only hit its stride during the moments when Cat and Vincent took center stage. I think we've reached the point in their relationship where there is no turning back.

Evan and Cat

Cat's dad invited Evan along to a family dinner, as any father probably would under the circumstances. Evan was charming and available and when they are together, Cat and Evan seem a good match. When their date fell through and Evan accompanied Cat on a case, he was helping her on with her coat and Vincent happened to be standing in the window. A flash of anger brightened his eyes. 

Happily, the miscommunication from the birthday party wasn't carried on longer than necessary. Although they did have their sticky moment of "fine, we're just the job," neither Vincent nor Cat could really tow that line for very long. Try as they might to behave otherwise, when they are together, they just start to melt.

I was hoping the paintings Cat and Tess found at the artist's loft were not completed. If people can make money on painting a canvas with one color of paint, then I've been pursuing the wrong lines of work. Imagine my surprise when they showed up at the opening and it was just similarly colored canvases hanging on the walls. Thank God the buyers were out for the women. At least in making a $15,000 bid on Tess, you knew the Mr. Hitchcock lookalike had some taste! Vincent was (of course) sneaking around on the case and showed up to give her a better point of view than what Cat thought she had already.

Evan spotted them squirreling off together, and I hope that doesn't eventually come back to haunt them, but Cat seemed to talk her way out of it with little after effect to Evan.

What Vincent found was that the artist really was practicing his craft by way of capturing his love for one particular woman:

Vincent: Look at the way he captured her. The curve of her back, the softness of her skin. He spent every waking moment painting her. She was in every brushstroke. | permalink

As he was explaining how he imagined the artist working on the drawings and paintings, Cat's mouth went slack and I swear there was just the tiniest bit of drool coming out of it. Vincent may turn into a monster when he is angry, but when he sees beauty and love, he can describe it in a way to turn a woman into mush.

That made me think about the man he was before he "died" in Afghanistan. We learned from the newspaper man he visited that his father used to buy a paper there every day, before he lost two boys in the Towers and one in Afghanistan. Who was Vincent Keller before the war? The man who loved his country so much and suffered so much from his loss that he volunteered himself to become a super soldier to right the wrongs he thought done to his brothers and country? I'd really like to see that explored. Who did he love? Was there someone special in his life? 

As we saw recently on Bones, stories about 9/11 still pack an emotional wallop. Let's see Vincent's. Wasn't that his turning point? Didn't that one fateful day cause him to make a decision that lead him to another and another until he was on the run for the rest of his life? Maybe it's just me, but I think it would really interesting to learn more about the man who is so deeply scarred but can still care so much for his fellow man despite all that has been done to try to turn him away from who he once was. 

After "Worth," I'm fully on board with Cat and Vincent. The only problem seems to be his ever-increasing bouts of memory loss. Waking in the middle of the street with bloody hands doesn't bode well, either. His choice of waking on top of a bridge last week was much better than in the middle of a road this; his unconscious self has to be more careful. I'm sure he's doing good, but didn't a part of you imaging him ripping Evan's heart out? Even a little part?

So tell me: What was your favorite knee buckling moment from Vincent tonight?


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The writers know exactly what they are doing..They are establishing that these two people care deeply for each other and then in later episodes they separate them. This will come in the form that Vincent finds out in a future episode that he is turning more beast then human that eventually he won't be able to control what he is. Thus pushing Cat away. It's like taunting us with what we want and then taking it away. The original BatB had it's own drama when it came to their relationship. Drama being other people in Catherine's life..A love interest. So I am no stranger to these stories. Either way, I will see the journey these two take. In real life LOVE doesn't come by so easy. And besides, Beast wouldn't be anything without HIS beauty.


Loved this episode! Can't wait for the next one!


I love that each episode we find out more and more about everyone's back story. There isn't a character I don't like on this show, except they have made Evan a little too smarmy than when the show first started. Even then, I like Evan and I like the way they plan to have Evan find out more and more about Cat and Vincent. I thought there didn't seem to be enough Cat/Vincent scenes, but I enjoyed the Cat/Tess/Evan scenes. I like the way that each case parallels with the 2 characters, which is probably why the cases come off a bit cheesy sometimes but they are focusing less on the CSI/Police angle on the cases which makes it better. Liked it when Cat's father told her that noone was good enough for her in her eyes. It made her realize something she didn't know herself which then led her to tell Vincent she didn't realise that he didn't think he was worthy of her.


the newspaper stand scene confused me!!!! i thought he lost his girlfriend in the towers not brothers?!?!? i literally dont remember that at all... did they just switch the story up? all i remember is the g/f dying not anything about brothers


@derek1314 The target audience for The CW is 18-34 year old women, so even I don't fall into the audience. In this instance, I was speaking to women and men who find Vincent a romantic lead. While Cat is cute, she's not been given material to turn you to mush like, say, some of the things Olivia has said to Peter in the past on Fringe when they've had their moments.


I loved this episode, I feel like lines are started to connect between Vincent and Cat. Especially the romanticism that took place when Vincent described the art. But I do feel like a kiss was well deserved at the end of the episode between them, I guess their holding out on us to grab our viewings. ;) I am drooling to find out what is happening to Vincent and his black outs. Is the Beast developing into a separate uncontrollable being? Are these blackouts a side effect? We will have to see........


The only thing I don't really enjoy about this show, it's the cases, for some reason they always look superficial to me, maybe because I'm dying to see Vincent and Cat together, I love the beast and not only because his gorgeous but because he's a beautiful character and of course we need to know more and more about him, now we know too little, I loved the episode even when they owed me a kiss of Cat and Vincent.


Favorite moment?
Hmmm hard to choose,the whole episode was amazing,but ofcourse if i had to choose i would choose two scenes of Vincat.One of gallery where Vincent through the dead guy's paintings expresses his feelings for cat.That was Beautiful.
And second the last Vincat moment when Cat exprsses her feelings for Vincent.
You are right when they're together,they just start to melt.
And yes I have been wanting to rip out Evan's heart from the pilot.


My favorite scene was watching Vincent get jealous while watching Cat leave with showed a glimpse of his beast side and his human side at the same time...and those glowing eyes?..really cool


Each episode keeps getting better! I've been hooked since the beginning but I can't wait for more of the back story to be revealed. Evan never had a chance! I don't think Vincent hurt anyone, the next episode Evan gets kidnapped after working on a mauling case and Vincent finds him. I think Vincent is saving people during his blackouts. It was amazing seeing Vincent and Cat finally admit the truth!

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