Blue Bloods Review: Evil Comes Home

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"Nightmares" featured its scary moments, but its sad ones were far more powerful. 

I expected more from an episode dealing with voodoo and the Catholic church. It felt as though the crime and the attacker were barely touched upon. I found myself hoping for more background on the Catholic church's stance on the voodoo community or the details of Tusain's exorcisms.

Danny Investigates a Strange Stabbing

The end came too quickly and too neatly wrapped. With that one voodoo ceremony we were left to believe his demons had left but other than the initial attack we never saw much of them to begin with. The hour missed the mark.

It actually seemed to focus more on introducing us to Danny's new partner than the demon story. Speaking of which…

My first impression of Detective Kate Lansing was that I wanted to order her a cheeseburger. Boy, she was skinny. I wished her background in Haiti was used to give us more background into this world and develop her character a bit more. Of course, being a former member of Internal Affairs leaves all types of possibilities for conflict down the line.

But seeing Jackie at the end broke my heart. Danny had a string of revolving partners that first season and none of them clicked before Jackie. The two have great chemistry as partners and friends and I'm really going to miss her. At least we got a farewell scene and a goodbye hug. I'd love to see Jackie return but from published reports of the actress' conflicts on the show I think it's highly unlikely.

Garrett's issues this week were surprising. I didn't see that coming and apparently neither did Garrett, as he explains to Frank in this Blue Bloods quote

 The only bells going off were from good whiskey. | permalink

Poor guy definitely got played and I loved that Frank was willing to have Henry go a little old school to get the problem solved. I couldn't take losing Jackie and Garrett all in the same episode. That would just be cruel.

Once again we got some more time with Jamie and his story line was the saddest of all. My grandfather had Alzheimer's and it is a horribly nasty disease. It's as though the person you know disappears while they're still standing in front of you. 

Malcolm was certainly stuck in the revolving door of the system and it's scary to think he could just be released over and over again. 

I was a little surprised that Jamie didn't recognize Malcolm's stance as a hockey pose right away. It appeared so obvious to me.

The Sunday dinner getting cut short was disappointing, especially since I wanted to hear the back story about why Erin is so into Halloween. I did love the Wizard of Oz themed costumes they wore.

So was I the only one who felt the demon story fell a bit short? And are you willing to give the new detective a chance?


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Love the show but they need to bring Jennifer Esposito back. The new partner Kate has zero chemistry w/ Danny. She is not a good fit at all :(


Done with this show. Love TS and usually all he does but this one not so much.


Such a shame that Esposito was treated so harshly by CBS. I understand the need for her to be on set when they need her and not when her illness dictates. Still, the way she was treated wasn't right. I like the new girl, but foresee a few possible problems. She looks an awful lot like Linda doesn't she? And already there's a kind of love/hate thing going on between them.


I like Danny; but I really wish they would spread around the focus of episodes. I was always expecting to start to see more of Jamie. They have started a lot of story lines with him that they have never really fleshed out. So I guess I hope that instead of introducing this new partner and having episodes focused on her background that we get story lines about Erin's ex coming back in the picture, or something from Henry's cop past, or maybe Jamie finally gets a girlfriend or something.


I got a phone call and missed the final few minutes of the show, could tell Jackie was leaving - what was the story line?


Thank you for reviewing. I too want to hear more about Erin and Halloween, that definitely left us hanging. LOL! Sorry to Jennifer Esposito go, is Kate Lansing going to be a regular partner? Please, please, don't let Danny go the route of an affair. They won't do that will they? Not sure how I felt about Frank going "old school". Part of me was very happy that he got Henry to sort it out and part of me wondered if Frank would do that he is so moral. Anyway, I do enjoy this show and thank you again for reviewing.

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Lansing: I'm Detective Lansing. I just moved over from Internal Affairs.
Danny: Congratulations on getting sprung.

Halloween is when the evil come home to play.