Blue Bloods Review: "Greener Grass"

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The beginning of "Greener Grass" felt like it could have been a scene from my own life. That's probably why I enjoyed this episode of Blue Bloods so much. For as much as it can be a great crime drama, it's the real life family moments that resonate.

Danny Protects a Witness

With Linda's car stalling out again and no money to make repairs, Danny did his best to cajole it back to the land of the living. In other words, when it doubt, jiggle a few wires. Before Linda drove to work, she asked in this Blue Bloods quote

Linda: What do I do if that weird noise comes back?
Danny: Just turn up the radio. | permalink

That's frequently my solution too. Hopefully I don't suffer any catastrophic car fires anytime soon.

But most of us can relate to money troubles and far too many people are living paycheck to paycheck. I couldn't blame Danny for considering that job. Four times his salary would solve a lot of problems, but if he'd be miserable going to work every day then no one in the Reagan family would be happy.

Danny was meant to be a cop. No matter what the challenges. Still, they had me rooting for better times for this part of the Reagan clan.

Over in Brooklyn, Frank demonstrated how not to have a sensitive conversation with a family member when he blurted out that Henry should no longer be driving. 

Once again, the show connected to a real life moment for me. I remember when this issue came up with my grandfather. He took it about as well as Henry.

That Frank stopped to guilting Erin into helping showed how desperate he was for assistance. The resolution came a little too quickly but I liked it all the same.  When Henry gave his car to Linda, it allowed him to feel useful and gave him a valid excuse not to drive. Whether this is the last we'll hear of the issue is another story.

Jamie and Vinny's adventures were less angsty than they've been in recent weeks. Vinny's flirting was pretty cheesy but it was fun to watch. And Jamie wasn't trying to play hero, he just wanted to find the rest of the story.

A few final notes…

  • The look on Danny's face when he realized Vance had the hots for his sister was priceless.
  • Frank's conversation skills with Henry may have been lacking but a good Pastrami sandwich should always be brought when apologizing.
  • Erin and Frank working as the family co-conspirators was really cute. Their relationship gets better every season.

Really, who wouldn't want to be a member of the Reagan family?


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Still are they just going to ignore her? It seemed odd that she wasn't at least mentioned. "I hate to pull you away from Jackie, but your skills are needed". I assumed since the 'scandal' they would air the final episodes of her then proceed without her if that be the case, but if the 'scandal' had not existed, would these episodes be as is? Remember in the first season when Danny had like two partners, each at different times? Many preferred Jackie and so Jackie became a constant. She added a certain spunk to the series.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode. While I do miss Jennifer Esposito as Jackie,if her absence means we see more Will Testes then I am all for that. I could tell pretty much right of the bat that Henry would give Linda the car. I also guessed the artists wife was bad. I kind of wish Danny would have taken the job but if he did the I guess there would be no need for Donny Whalberg on the show and as much as I do not like it being the Donnie show, I would not what him to leave. I think Erin's talk with Henry was sweet, it made me cry. However I do not think that anyone should tell her dad and Grandpa to shut up. I would never say that to my parents. I think the Erin/Frank and Henry/Nikki scene was funny.


Henry: "When he was four, he declared himslef the super intendant of the sandbox." Best quote of this episode!


Where's Jackie? Would she be appearing at all? She seems absent from the series altogether.


I loved this episode. It seemed to focus more on the family. Love this show.


I agree with the reviewer...what makes this drama stand out is the realistic portrayal of family issues. I also like the way the writers have made Erin Reagan's role "meatier" and realistic. As the only female in the family, she would have that role of mediator.


I really enjoyed this episode. I've made no secret of the fact that Jamie has been driving me nuts lately, so I was really glad that this week he didn't!!! I had to feel for Henry. Even though it was best for the community's and his own safety that he no longer drive, it would still be incredibly hard to lose that independence.


This is definitely a drama about family, and it's wonderfully done. I remember when my mum had to take the keys away from her dad, and how terribly hard it was on both of them. At least, by the end, Henry realized it was his time to do so. And giving the car to Linda saved him some dignity. The Reagans are a great family. I love watching them.

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Favorite part of my day. Dinner with my old man.


Linda: What do I do if that weird noise comes back?
Danny: Just turn up the radio.