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Camille Guaty has nabbed a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

The actress, who starred on Prison Break as Maricruz Delgado and has also appeared in such films as Blink and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - will come on board The CW hit as Caitlin, a character will some kind of connection to David Alpay's Professor Shane.

A shady connection? Considering what we know about Bonnie's mentor at the moment, that's a fairly strong guess to make.

Camille Guaty on PB

Guaty will debut on Episode 13, which is scheduled to air in February.

In other recent Vampire Diaries casting news, Twilight Saga actor Charlie Bewley will appear later this season as Vaughn, a mysterious character we presume to be a member of The Five. He will also premiere on Episode 13.


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When Charlie Bewley comes to Vampire Diaries I guess someone group bad vampire Diaires


Guaty 1 of my fav actress.yeah they need 2 kill sum elements there!4 others to run it.

Leon alexis

They have to kill some people. New to die!

Dancing eyes

i meant 5-4 epi's lol

Dancing eyes

ugh why do they need 546 guest actors,i mean you can't even properly develop the main characters you have and still you have to get a new character for every 54-5 epi.seriously.

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