Castle Episode Preview: Breaking the Code

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Castle took fans behind the music and behind the murder on this week's "Swan Song."

Next Monday, meanwhile, the beloved ABC series will go... behind the movies? So Castle believes, at least, as the following preview references The Da Vinci Code.

In reality, however, Rick and Kate will find themselves on the run with a witness, hiding out and attempting to keep him safe. While also fighting about their relationship. Uh-oh!

Watch the official network teaser now:

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Well, I don´t agree... Castle is a show focused on solving murders, or so I believe. Just because we don´t see the honeymoon, doesn´t mean it isn´t there...


Aside from maybe a couple more kisses here & there & maybe one cooking breakfast for the other from time to time, I really don't think too much more can be shown as long as it's a secret relationship. Sure I'd like to have a glimpse of them out on the town on a date, but as long as they're trying to/have to hide their relationship, I don't see how it's possible. The show still has the witty banter between the two of them & I tend to think that it's when shows focus on or show too much of the relationship of two leads, that's when the show itself starts to tank. That being said, Marlowe & crew seem to know what they're doing, so if they did have more Caskett time, I'm sure it'd be perfectly written.


cheryl - If it is any consolation, you are not alone. So far the honeymoon period took place when BECKETT completed her suspension after the storm. Sometimes I wonder if Sir. Gates, being a married woman & all, did not catch the 'glow" & did this, among other things, to give them the space. Also Martha & Alexis were in Europe. Sad to say after waiting 4 years we were no where near to witness Castle cooking Beckett pancakes LOL. At this point I will consider egg beating foreplay & scrambled eggs an orgasmic experience - seriously.
I have followed CASTLE from the very beginning - tremendous potential - maybe we will get lucky & even see our beloved couple holding hands again - OUR NEW FINAL FRONTIER - As you can see - I must have lost my SERENITY together with my QUANTUM OF SOLACE - Love the cast & crew - but like you, disappointed.


I agree with cheryl 100%. So far this season Castle is Beckett's latest "Demming" or "Josh" and Beckett is the lastest "Gina", etc. for Castle. Nothing sets this relationship apart from the others they both have had, except for the secret part, which can't go on much longer.


Ok my question has nothing to do with this episode. Andrew said we had the honeymoon phase....Where was it? 5x01-Beckett confronts her mom's killer. 5x02-Castle and the weather girl. 1 kiss we get. 5x03- Storage Wars...a handshake. 5x04-Hamptons episode 2 kisses and not much else. 5x05- 3XK returns...we see a little eye sex. 5x06-Beckett teases Castle in Final Frontier. 5x07- Swan Song-Castle touches her face. Now 5x08- The parents dinner and Castle and Beckett fight.
Is it just me or did we see more romance with Meredith and that actress Ellie than the fans have been giving with Castle and Beckett. I'm just wondering....still gonna watch but am sorta disappointed in Caskett romance.

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