Castle Review: Meet The Parents

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Castle returned this week with "After Hours," an episode that took Castle and Beckett on the run with a witness and spent some quality time between two parents. Let’s discuss the latest hour of our favorite detective show, shall we?

The weekly case centered around the witness to a murder of a priest, who was involved with a mob family and informants. 

Castle Hiding Out

The case jumped all over the place, from having Castle and Beckett hiding with the witness... to Castle getting picked up by a mob boss... to Kate being taken hostage. Although this installment made for some great one-liners, the hour felt a little less than par when it came to Castle standards. 

The eighth episode of Castle Season 5 brought out a few TV veteran guest stars that are always welcome on my screen. Tony Denison and Patrick Fischler were perfect in their roles as the mob boss and creepy killer, respectively. Fischler just looks the part, right?

Castle and Beckett attempted to have dinner with Martha and Jim, Kate’s father. You would think this would go well. Not so much. It was a little awkward to begin with, but as expected, the parents were quite friendly by the end of the hour.

Kudos to the writing staff for continuing this relationship in an adult way. The couple has been together for some time now and meeting the family is normal. That is one of the best parts about this series. Although it is quite absurd at times, there are always realistic moments drilled into each episode.

After Thoughts:

  • Ryan and Esposito have such a great bromance. Both characters were on fire in “After Hours,” providing some of the best Castle quotes of the episode.
  • Gates is definitely softening up on Castle.
  • Are Rick and Kate’s backgrounds too different to move forward?

Overall, an entertaining episode. It jumped around just a bit too much, but the real Castle feel was back. This was very welcome considering the previous episode’s documentary style filming

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “After Hours” or was it a bit of a let down? The series has been on a roll the majority of Season 5. Was this hour up to par or did it fall short?

Later this week, make sure to check out the Castle Round Table while we patiently wait TWO weeks until the next new Castle episode. Until then!


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I was so relieved that this episode was more in line with the old Castle that I was nearly in tears by the end. That "documentary" episode was so bad it had shaken my faith in this great program.
But I really loved the fact that Rick and Kate had a talk about their relationship and how different they were, and they realized that it doesn't matter as long as they love and respect one another. I loved, loved, loved it when Kate threw her arms around Castle's neck at the end. Their love and concern for one another is just beautiful. I sincerely hope that they get married and I also hope that they have a child together because they're such gorgeous people, and such good people I think they'd make great babies together, and I think Castle would be hilarious as a dad again....especially if she gave birth to twin boys! Think about it! They could name them Kevin and Javier!


I also loved the episode - I rarely find anything at all to complain about with the cast or writers...


This was a very good episode. My only disagreement is with Kate saying she's 'only a cop'. While that may be true now, she was raised by two lawyers in Manhattan and did not have to pull herself up by her boot straps.
I think that story line is a bit of a stretch, but still think Castle is the best show on TV.


My top favorite moments had to be: the parents comparing,sharing how each other's kid cares for the other, when Castle kissed Kate goodbye, and when she thru her hands over his head when the ordeal was over.
It has to have been building up inside Kate since seeing Castles' hampton home, and thinking about the wealth that surrounds him, and her being a policewoman. I liked how it came out, especially with their parents, and fits in nicely with an ordinary relationship. Kudo's to the writers.
Loved the acting done by everyone, especially Stana and Nathan.


Last night show was super loved it the crime had some great twist and turns and Kate and Rick are getting very close now. The writers,actors,Producers,the people who put the sets up did another great job lets not forget them and the guest actors were very good and the hugging and kissing Kate and Rick did when she thought he was in the car that the guy shot it all up WOW. and Gates was great her concern for her people Kat & Rick and took on the FBI WOW I have to look at the show again to see what I missed and His MOM and Her POP got their act togeather when they found out that they were in trouble look kind of friendly at the end.looks like the next one is going to be a good one I love on wednesdays when TNT show Castle shows all day long:-)


Loved the episode ! Season 5 is so far AMAZING ! While some episodes are better than other, they are always good ! It always comes back to : There can be no bad episode of Castle. Saying one episode of Castle is bad is akin to saying the North Pole is in the tropical zone ! NOT TRUE ! Not like that crap show Revolution !


Kelly - loved your comment. CASTLE is doughnuts & pizza. Always good even when it's bad.
David - second your comment 100% - hopefully the writers are listening - in the meantime, CASTLE followers are crazy smart - we will just have to use our imagination & dream about the couple we have grown to love.
Majma15-Castle writers laugh with & not at the different ethnic groups - they themselves are a good example of America's melting pot. They highlight the nuances of the characters to enhance the humor - but I hear you :)


Part 2-Priests carry rosaries attached to their 'belt' or a finger rosary. Nuns of the generation portrayed in After Hours were mostly mean, as were most teachers at the time, they all had wooden rulers - kids had no guns. Parents were 'The Last Frontier' - respected even more than clergy & faculty :) Delighted to see a healthy relationship developing between Rick & Kate - the message: "I'M MUCH MORE ME WHEN I AM WITH YOU." They both believed in the possibility of magic - "LOOK AT MY LIFE - MY DREAMS CAME TRUE.." Fiction? I married the love of my life - a POW - sentenced to 30 years - freed in 2....- MIRACLES DO HAPPEN :) MERCI - THANK YOU - GRACIAS :)


Ryan, Espo and the nun. Oh how I giggled!!!!
The only thing that bugged me about this episode was the locked phone.
Seriously??? You can call 911 Castle!!! Gawd!


CASTLE-welcome back! Thank you Mr. Marlowe. This episode contained the uniqueness that has launched an American TV series to an international & multigenerational level. "After Hours" had murder, mystery, comedy & ... romance. Our saga has begun - CASKETT is now a reality - so a little time to kissy-huggy is allowed (we did wait 4 years). Kate & Rick were always good at solving crimes-building theory 'foreplay'-need I say more? SHINY !
Rafga-I love this country- CASTLE portrays America with candor. A melting pot well represented by the main cast, though it is impossible to include every ethnic group. A character is defined for its proficiency at their job, not their gender. Respect is paramount, no need to show nudity-Rick/Kate=male-female. Obscene language limits ratings & detracts from dialogue content while attracting problematic viewers. I am a Catholic, priests are referred to as "Father" "The Father" "Reverend" "Pastor" & they do carry rosaries in their hand-tied to their 'belt'-finger rosaries. Nuns can be as mean as any teacher of the generation portrayed by the nun in "After Hours"-they all had wooden rulers- kids had no guns & parents were 'the last frontier'-respected. WONDERFUL EPISODE.MERCI. ALWAYS !!

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Castle Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Ryan: Catholic school is like combat. If you haven't been there, then you don't know.
Esposito: I have been combat.

Ryan: We're interviewing a nun?
Esposito: Yeah. And I'm going to be the good cop and you're going to be the bad cop...