Castle Review: Behind the Murder

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"Swan Song” was an episode centered around the murder of a guitar player in a rock band.

A band that had been the center of a documentary, that is, placing Beckett and company in front of the cameras. Did this formula work? That’s debatable. So let's do so, TV Fanatics...

Hold Espo Back!

The weekly case featured the twists and turns that we are used to as Castle fans, but the documentary style approach made things quite a bit different. It was fun and made for some hilarious moments from the characters, but it didn’t make the hour one of the series' best.

Esposito really took center stage, showing off his personality in a great way. This by far was a highlight. His singing, his muscles and his making sure his best angle was in view were awesome.

Seriously, have you been to the man's gun show?

Even Gates was a lot softer... for a while. And Stana Katic was perfect in her awkwardness.And Lanie was adorable in her few moments of screen time. And Castle? Well, he was typical Castle.

It’s always interesting to see a series take a different approach, even if for just one week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We all remember the Grey’s Anatomy singing episode, right? This seemed to work for Castle... as long as it is a one time thing. This is definitely not something I would want to see a handful of times. Am I alone in thinking that?

Swan Song Scene

What makes this show great is the clever writing, the light heartedness and the fun. All of these traits were visible in “Swan Song,” but were hidden under the layer of the documentary style approach.

After Thoughts

  • Have Ryan’s eyes always been that blue? Seriously, those things are piercing.
  • Espo should wear his shirts that tight ALL of the time.
  • The quick embrace between Castle and Beckett was so sweet.
  • Looks like we got through another week without Gates finding out about Caskett.

Overall, a fun episode but not my favorite. What did you think? Did you enjoy the different approach the series took in this installment? Sound off below to let us know what you thought of “Swan Song" and check back later this week for the Castle Round Table as take a look at the Castle quotes for some funny one liners from Espo and the gang. 

Until next week, Castle fans. 


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I absolutely love "Castle" but was disappointed by this episode - I thought it was silly actually. I did not like how the characters acted or how they kept looking at the camera. "Castle" is perfection - why mess with the best show on TV???


I am addicted to Castle and I have watched all seasons several times. This show makes an old lady feel giddy and laugh out loud every week.Love the Beckett and Castle relationship but would like to see more physicality. However I felt Swan Song was not the caliber of greatness we are use to from Andrew Marlowe and CREW. Give us more Beckett and Castle LOVE!!!

Josie leeds

Really showcased how seriously annoying, shallow and grasping the Gates character has become. All the mugging was a bit over the top and didn't enhance the characters any. Wish the writers would get over their "let's-do-something-different"(that really ISN'T different) schtick and get back to basics.


I like it I thought it was funny to see actors trying to act for the camera that was a scream and castle and kate getting alittle hug in front of the camera the crime was good and the who done it was a surprise never thought of him very good all the way around Oh and Gates haming it up for the camera funny.And then Kate locking the camera guy in the broom closet great for the end.


I enjoyed this episode, though it wasn't my favorite. The plot twist was very clever. The mugging by various cast members was mostly funny, but kind of painful, too. This is one of my favorite shows; hope it stays around for a long time!


I did not enjoy the documentary style. i was more annoyed by the posing than I found it funny.


Love the show but wasn't crazy about the plot


I like they try something different from time to time. Nice work !


The Powers That Be at the police dept. should consider themselves very lucky that 1) the case was solved and 2) nothing truly regrettable was caught on tape. The episode essentially removed the "wall" that separates the actors from the viewers and it wasn't a pleasant view. It will be hard to take any of them (aside from Kate) seriously again after seeing what shameless hams they portrayed in this episode. It was actually painful to watch and brought out the worst in Captain Gates, Esposito and Lanie. The case was rather interesting and it was lost in the actics of the police. Loyal viewers will continue to watch, but this episode won't win any new fans.


While it wasn't my favorite epi, I didn't totally hate it either, as so many here appeared to. I actually liked the case, and the real killer came as a total surprise to me! ESPECIALLY after seeing that C. Thomas Howell was the cult leader! I get a bit tired of the bad guy being the one recognizable guest star in the show, so this was a nice twist! I did think the mugging for the camera went on too long... you would think that after a few days of this, the guys would get back into the case and being the great cops they are, rather than trying to create sound bytes for the camera crew, but whatever. Cute, but kind of "meh" imo. STILL a huge fan, no matter what they do! Especially after the fun of last week's show! Keep it coming, Castle!

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