Castle Review: Behind the Murder

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"Swan Song” was an episode centered around the murder of a guitar player in a rock band.

A band that had been the center of a documentary, that is, placing Beckett and company in front of the cameras. Did this formula work? That’s debatable. So let's do so, TV Fanatics...

Hold Espo Back!

The weekly case featured the twists and turns that we are used to as Castle fans, but the documentary style approach made things quite a bit different. It was fun and made for some hilarious moments from the characters, but it didn’t make the hour one of the series' best.

Esposito really took center stage, showing off his personality in a great way. This by far was a highlight. His singing, his muscles and his making sure his best angle was in view were awesome.

Seriously, have you been to the man's gun show?

Even Gates was a lot softer... for a while. And Stana Katic was perfect in her awkwardness.And Lanie was adorable in her few moments of screen time. And Castle? Well, he was typical Castle.

It’s always interesting to see a series take a different approach, even if for just one week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We all remember the Grey’s Anatomy singing episode, right? This seemed to work for Castle... as long as it is a one time thing. This is definitely not something I would want to see a handful of times. Am I alone in thinking that?

Swan Song Scene

What makes this show great is the clever writing, the light heartedness and the fun. All of these traits were visible in “Swan Song,” but were hidden under the layer of the documentary style approach.

After Thoughts

  • Have Ryan’s eyes always been that blue? Seriously, those things are piercing.
  • Espo should wear his shirts that tight ALL of the time.
  • The quick embrace between Castle and Beckett was so sweet.
  • Looks like we got through another week without Gates finding out about Caskett.

Overall, a fun episode but not my favorite. What did you think? Did you enjoy the different approach the series took in this installment? Sound off below to let us know what you thought of “Swan Song" and check back later this week for the Castle Round Table as take a look at the Castle quotes for some funny one liners from Espo and the gang. 

Until next week, Castle fans. 


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I thought it was a great show and I believe it was only meant for a one-time deal. I had a good chuckle or two. They are such a great ensemble and I really got a kick out of Gates talking so nicely at the camera as she gave permission to the documentary crew. Funny! I thought it was a 5-star show.


I likes this episode but it wasnt my favorite. Yes of course it was cute and funny at times but this episode didn't keep my attention throughout like last weeks did. The ending was cute too and loved the raspberry that Beckett gave the camera crew. All in all good episode but not the best one to date. The documentary was indeed different but didn't like the camera movements-made me dizzy like in the new show of Battlestar Gallactica- they use those camera angles and it drives me nuts sometimes.


When this episode started I thought, Oh no-not the documentary following the cops technique! Remember The Closer episode with this same approach? Also I believe NCIS, CSI etc. etc. etc. This is not innovation-but at least there was some good humor in all the mugging for the camera. I was fascinated by the acting challenge of acting "normal" for the documentary style.


Thought it was a great episode! Light-hearted - fun comedic turns from everyone. Just so many laugh-out-loud moments. People - it's a television show! Lighten up and enjoy whatever comes our way. If you love the show, in my opinion, you love the show. Anything can be analyzed to pieces but why???


Cute. Fun. Entertaining.


Did anyone notice that Beckett was wearing her green jacket at the murder scene, the cloth jacket in the squad room and then back to the green jacket when Beckett and Castle went down to see Lanie. Who was editing this episode???
Not up to Castles' usual standards.


Well of course this should be a one off thing. That's what made it different and funny. I love this show and compliment again the producers writers and cast for their creativity. These last two episodes have been huge fun and stir up the mix a bit which is good. I am in no way a Sci Fi fan but loved what they did with last week's 'The Final Frontier'. This week we had shades of the 'The Office'whic was tremendous. Just one observation. Was Kate just a tad mean in her locking the camera crew in the cupboard, particularly when her and Castle seemed to have persuaded them to edit their moment of tenderness out of the film ? Love the raspberry though. The show is just getting better and better in my opinion. Of course we have long way to go yet but I remain very optimistic.


It never fails to amaze and stun me, the way we (people) can react to something that might be different or out of the ordinary. Brave of Marlowe & Co. to experiment a bit and go a different route. And could we allow that they might have to change it up a little for themselves as well. I am on board with everything they can come up with to make it fresh, unusual and fun. This was all that and more. With this we get to see our beloved 12th Precinct in a different light, quirky personalities, stolen moments and all. Loved it, and ready for whatever they have in store for us in the next episode. Stay open and feel the love, people. xx


I am so afraid we are watching the final season of Castle. The last two episodes were the worst. I could not stay awake. Captain Gates is ridiculous; where are Martha and Alexis. I even miss Dr Burke. Great way to lose fans and this from a HUGE one!


Although the constant camera shooting of the show in progress made me rather sick to my stomach, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and just how camera hungary all people can be including the chief. Adorable that Kate and Castle got caught on camera showing affection, but were smart enough to get the cameraman to edit it out.

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