Catrinel Marlon Cast as Fiancee on CSI

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Well done, David Hodges.

On a January episode of CSI Season 13, viewers will learn that this long-time character is engaged to be married… to supermodel Catrinel Marlon!

Or at least a woman named Elisabetta played by this former Fiat spokeswoman.

Catrinel Marlon Pic

According to William Keck of TV Guide Magazine, we'll meet Hodges' love interest on "Double Fault," as the team discovers he met her in Tuscany and Elisabetta discovers that her man's coworkers were naive to her existence.


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Sue ann

He did tell Conrad's daughter, when she kissed him in the hospital. He just did not name names.


@Dreamrose: hodges hasn't always been all that NICE to his co-workers either.....his SUCKING up to grissom.....his not so noice comments to and about greg.....i AM surprised, that he would NOT have said anything to ecklie's daughter, though.....they seem to have become (sorta) friends. alisa


I am glad that Hodgens has a personal story. Any casting scoop for Sara? Would Grissom return to the series? Would Catherine Willows have a guest appearance?


To be fair to Hodges, his coworkers don't exactly treat very nicely - most of them are constantly negative and dismissive towards him. Maybe he just didn't want to share details about his love life with people like that!

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