CBS Cancels Partners

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The axe has come down on Partners.

The sitcom from Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan - which centered around the friendship of one gay man and one heterosexual - never really found traction on Monday nights.

It regularly tied for third in its timeslot, averaging just 6.5 million total viewers per week.

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Partners follows Made in Jersey as the second new show to be canceled this fall by CBS.

Conversely, the network has picked up freshman hits Elementary and Vegas for a full season.

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Sue ann

***our*** first openly gay

Sue ann

I don't think they thought this one through very well. I also wanted it to be a success; I'm a big fan of David Krumholtz. But I did not make it past the first 18 minutes of the first episode. I was cringing so much my back was starting to hurt. Time has moved on past the Stepin Fetchit stereotype of the lazy shiftless black man, and time has moved on past the stereotypical comical gay who is just too precious to be believed. Four states just voted to allow or not forbid gay marriage. We just elected out first openly gay US Senator. Gay characters are now becoming a normal part of television, just as gays are a normal part of American life. The time has passed for this kind of farce. The network should never have put it on, and it should have been cancelled even faster than it was.


I'm going to miss this show :(

Spindae 2o

:( I love the actors on this show and juszt because of them I wanted the show to be a winWin!
The comedy wasn't really there! I liked it but wasn't wOw-ed! With exception of some Michael Urie LoL moments it was really bland.
They wanted the W&G chemistry but didn't went in the deep comedy and emotional way!

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