Chad Coleman to Side with Rick on The Walking Dead

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Chad Coleman is ready to kill some zombie.

The actor (The Wire, I Hate My Teenage Daughter) has signed on for a key Walking Dead Season 3 role: he will come on board the AMC smash as Tyreese, a graphic novel character who comes to Rick's aid as he prepares for battle with The Governor.

According to TV Overmind, Coleman will debut around Episode 8, which would mean we'll see him either on the upcoming winter finale or in the spring of 2013 when The Walking Dead returns.

Look for Tyreese to mostly be seen in Woodbury.

Chad Coleman Image

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I think at this point, the group is apprehensive about newcomers, especially now with their people being taken buy some group in a fake town for no good reason... if anything tyreese will show rick's group that there are still good people out there, ones you can trust. And yes, Daryl better NOT be in danger.. besides rick, he is the only character on there that I could not get over if they kill him off.. and ironically he's not even from the original storyline.. that is how awesome daryl dixon is...


@Fatin: I really hope so ;-)


lol they can't kill off Daryl. The fans will eat them alive


Don't think so... guess it's more a "danger" for Daryl, because he took Tyreese's place in the series.


Hopefully this doesn't lead to the potential death of Carol like in the comics.

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