Coming Soon to NCIS: Tony Sr., McGee's Dad, Eli David & More

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In addition to the return of Tobias and Diane on December 11, NCIS is bringing back another recurring favorite one week later, while making plans to introduce some intriguing new characters in the new year.

These items have already been reported elsewhere, but we've compiled them here:

On the December 18 Christmas episode, none other than Robert Wagner returns as Tony’s dad, Anthony Sr. As a bonus, for the first time ever, “We see Tony’s apartment,” Cote de Pablo (Ziva) tells TV Guide.

What surprises await there? “The bed he sleeps in,” she laughs. “That’s all I’m going to say!”

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Elsewhere on the fatherly front, come 2013, “Plan on meeting McGee’s dad, the Admiral, in a compelling, emotional story during February sweeps,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Line.

In that episode, “Abby will be a comforting shoulder for McGee to lean on during tough times.”

Meanwhile, Ziva's father Eli David is also making an appearance in January, and it promises to be complex as always. Along with Michael Nouri's character, NCIS is casting these guest-starring roles:

  • A Mossad associate director.
  • An American businessman whose oil fortune burdens him with ties to the Middle East.
  • Gavriela, a sexy and smart Israeli informant for the CIA, played by Georgia Hatzis. This character “may actually come back, depending on the storyline and how it unfolds,” de Pablo says.

Fathers and father figures look to be a theme of NCIS Season 10. Which of these storylines are you most excited for? What do you think brings Abby and Tim closer together? Discuss in the comments below!

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Tony's bed is probably a corvette kids can't wait for McGee and dad have been waiting so long for a serious McGee episode...may also help clear up the Abby/Tim relationship...and put some perspective on his relationship with Gibbs...he is the only one without a defined attachment to Jackson going to make an appearance around the holidays...he is the best!


@doubtful dont worry cote is not leaving ncis the rumors are spread by haters of ziva and we all know who they are.


I think the rumors that CdP is leaving are a rouse. I think the only way she will leave the series is if Mark Harmon decides not to continue his role for season 11, in which case they will all be free to try their skills in new venues. CdP and her publicity team seem quite intent on keeping her in the center of buzz and will say anything to make it happen. I doubt she'll go anywhere unless they all are.


As for Mcgee and his dad I think it has to do with his car accident when he was 16 I THINK he killed his mother


So I see Ziva arresting her father and these Mossad associate director takening over which led to the season finale of her father being killed and Ziva either going to jail or being killed herself IF its true the actress is leaving which is what I have heard from TV guide.


I love Tony and hope his episode isn't another big humiliate Tony joke. I'm intrigued about the McGee episode. Tired of poor tragic Ziva dramas so I'm not excited about a two part one. Been there, done that.


Awesome, can't wait to meet McGee's dad and see Tony's dad again, always great to see him :)


So cool! i always love when Dad's are coming on the installment. And tony's bed GOD May it be a Bunker Bed?!

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