Cote de Pablo Teases New NCIS Dynamic Duo

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TV's #1 drama has big things in store for Ziva and Tony ... and for Ziva and Abby.

We know. Didn't see that coming, did you? Let's start with the latter pairing first.

Cote de Pablo tells TV Line that "Gone" features her character and Pauley Perrette's forensic wiz like never before: “It’s the first time they actually put those two characters together in an episode just about them.”

The abduction of a girl whose friend Lydia (guest Kirsten Prout) witnessed the kidnapping is the impetus for the dynamic duo being paired up, and it sounds like we can expect them to rally around the youngster.

"They get Abby outside the lab, we’re in Gibbs’ house ... It was fun working that dynamic with Pauley [Perrette] ... We need to keep her protected, and as we do there’s bonding between the three women."

Searching For an Abducted Teen

Elsewhere, tomorrow night’s episode again finds Tony (Michael Weatherly) wondering about Ziva's plans with a mystery man ... which actually involve a man this time, unlike this past week's opera plans.

“It’s a funny bit with a great payoff,” Cote says of the upcoming plot line.

“The only thing I can say is that Tony is able to relax when he meets the guy.”

We discussed in our review and NCIS Round Table after last week's episode whether or not this is "the year" for Tony and Ziva. If you ask the actress, it doesn't sound like her mentality has changed one bit.

“I’ve had years in which I thought, ‘Oh my God, this a Tiva year,’ and there have been years [Michael] thought were Tiva years. The truth is, we have yet to find out where that storyline is going to go."

"I think they’re toying around with us like they always do.”

For more on this week's episode, the eighth installment of Season 10, plus some scoop on Ziva's father Eli David's return later this season, follow the link to read Cote's interview with TV Line.

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what did Tony whisper in Tifva's ear translate too


im so hooked with all of your episodes espcially in harper dearing case,im your filipino fan,i ope i get a chance to meet all of you,most likely gibbs and abby


I would not watch NCIS if you killed off any of the stars
To much of that going on. Also get Tony and Ziva together and get rid of the misery who plays vance he is awful


I am sorry l looked this my favorite show ...I don't want to know anything


@Whitty & raphaela No worries, y'all!! Tiva is the not the only reason why so many watch, but it sure is one of the MAIN reasons!! You would think by now that non-NCIS fans who bellow that the show has "run out of ideas" would have half a brain enough to Take a HIKE and hit the ROAD. There's not much excitment happening with any other part of the show right now, except for those two characters. The spotlight is on them (have you seen all the Tiva hyping CBS is doing on their site?? Fun stuff!) I'm enjoying it greatly!!


I loooooooooveeeeeeee tiva.
This is gonna hapen


Hey, people need to stop hating on Tiva!!! The plot isn't getting old!! Why do you think 20 million people watch this show every week and its #1 because people love NCIS and the Tiva relationship, so leave your negative comments to yourself.


The loyal fans who was with the show before Tiva and Love all the character not just one we loyal fans deserve to see what we would told we would get from season one a show that would not fall to sex between coworker which is a outdated story telling method.


If they decide to end this series I hope they don't do what was done in JAG - the whole relationship was resolved in the last four minutes of the show. The loyal fans deserve something better than that!


She'll be back. My guess is that the show has only one or two more years left to it, so she can stay that long and still have plenty of time to start doing new things once NCIS ends.

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