Covert Affairs Finale Review: Annie Gets the Guy

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Covert Affairs Season 3 presented a new, mature, Agent Annie Walker. She got a gun last season and this year? She got her super spy mojo!

Even though the season ended on what should have been a happy moment with Annie and Auggie kissing, it had a somewhat somber mood. After everything Annie has been through this year, it was a relief that Auggie - her best friend - would want her in that way. 

Covert Affairs Season Finale Scene

She was the one who wanted him not that long ago, but a lot has happened since then as well. Annie had to deal quite a slew of events: Jai was blown to pieces in front of her, her sister moved away, she fell in love with Simon, he was killed, she killed Lena, she went to a Russian prison, Eyal rescued her (with Auggie's help), Eyal betrayed her, she lost an asset, and she was presented with Wilcox's mysterious folder. And I'm sure I've missed a few pivotal moments, but it had to be a comfort to find herself in Auggie's arms.

Since the beginning, I have been against a relationship between Annie and Auggie, but those darn Covert Affairs writers pulled one on me. I loved this. It was authentic and natural how it all came about. I never thought I'd be rooting for Annie and Auggie to make a romance work. She needs someone she can count on. And, despite his previous womanizing days, Auggie is ready for a solid, committed relationship and she is as well.

Enough with the romance, let's talk about the spy stuff! In "Lady Stardust," Annie upped her game and her "excellent spy craft" as Henry Wilcox put it. She was top notch when dealing with Khalid. Even if Auggie hadn't shown up, I don't think Annie would have handled over the names to Khalid. She would have come up with alternative.

Annie successfully got the information from the consulate and would have found a way to get Eyal back. In the end, the fake shooting and escape, while risky, was a brilliant plan. She quickly outdid herself with Khalid.

Her manipulation to turn Khalid against his father was one of the best moves she has ever made. As she told Wilcox, it kept the agency's hands clean and disrupted Khalid's family. Superb job! I'm proud of Annie like she's my own child that I've watched grow up to become a success.

Was Khalid really a bad guy? That's unclear. He went after Annie because he thought she killed Megan. Did Wilcox make it all up in order to fix his mistake from six years ago? I wouldn't mind seeing Khalid again, perhaps as one of Annie's assets.

The stage has been set for Covert Affairs Season 4. Will Annie work with Wilcox against Arthur and Joan? That folder must have held some very damning evidence for her to team up with Wilcox so quickly. I hope she's not getting herself into another situation of being misled and used. She has the smarts, it's whether she will use them or not. 

Wilcox won't hesitate to take her out any more than Lena did. They both saw the talent in Annie, but also her trusting heart. I dislike Wilcox so much, that it's difficult to understand why she would work with him. As a viewer, if I'm going to buy into this coming storyline, the contents of that folder need to be revealed quickly. 

The men in Annie's life were a highlight of the season. As much as I hated Annie getting into the shower with Simon, I grew to care about him just as Annie did. And, Eyal. It was a pleasure having him around so much even if he betrayed Annie. I hope he gets tired of his fishing boat and comes around next season. And, Auggie ... I'm finally in love with the idea of Annie and him hooking up!

Are you ecstatic about Annie and Auggie? Sad to see Eyal leave? Any thoughts on what was in the folder? What will you ponder about over the next seven or so months until the Season 4 premiere?


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PS = a question. Am I the only person who thought it was asburdly, or perhaps disturbingly easy for Annie to get to the CIA database from the computer in the embassy infirmary?


Interesting and logical idea about Annie working for Joan/Arthur, Dadesh. For Henry to have killed Jai, he would have been in cahoots with Lena, since she admitted to killing Jae because he was on her trail. The guy who set the bomb had been associated with Henry in the past, so perhaps that possibility is open. I hope the show doesn't disappoint next summer!


I think Annie is working WITH Arthur and Joan to trap Wilcox. Would put it past him to have his own son killed for his personal gain. I am hoping that Annie turns out to be a plant and can finally put Wilcox away for good.


Like Auggie, but still don't like the idea of that romance. Suppose it was a nice way to end the season, though. Wonder if Annie will continue to wear Simon's key around her neck? I, for one, still mourn Simon. I thought Annie's physical appearance and clothing when she walked into the Vesta Diner nicely highlighted the character's journey this season - from enthusiastic "girl" to a more sophisticated, guarded, and hopefully wiser, woman. I half expected Jai to be waiting for Annie in the Vesta Diner. My guess is that Henry's folder contains some info on Arthur - maybe he is a Chinese agent - would have made that ambassadorship a good move. I also think Khalid may appear again as an asset, and I was glad that he didn't kill Megan - thought last week that his father was dangerous. Will fantasize about the Flying Levine now!!


This has been the best season of this show thus far. Disappointed we have to wait 6 months or more for it to return. I am surprised Annie jumped on board with Wilcox so quickly.
However, you have to keep in mind that Joan and Arthur-Arthur more so- were ready to throw Annie under the bus with the Lena situation. I think Annie and Auggie being together will be a slow go. I think they will want to keep it from the agency. I think Eyal will possibly return next season. I was not impressed with Simon-the guy wasn't that good looking and for me, I needed something else besides them being up in five star hotels.....As to Ben, well, he's still out there somewhere......wouldn't be surprised if he was brought back.


I am all for Annie and Augie. I bet those who want her to be with Eyal, rooted for Ben and Annie remember him, Annie and Simon (boring) all he ever did was take her to foreign 5 star hotels (what chemistry are you talking about). Now you are rooting for Annie and Eyal, the Israeli spook with a kid. Are you kidding me. Annie has consistently picked the wrong men on this show the debonair, rogue, sweet talking agent that saves her life a couple times. Annie is a spy of course her life will be saved by other spies and vice versa they tend to do that in her line of work, one of the perks. However, a committed loving relationship does not have to be defined by it. I hope the writers get this, I am tired of Annie wearing all her past lovers mementos when she barely knew who they were. In the words of the great Auggie, It is time for her to come home, they are her family. By the way, Auggie does not need her, she needs him.


As an endgame Annie and Auggie fan....I felt this was TOO soon. It was just too soon. I still want her to sail off with Eyal. And she pretty much told him she wants to do there are still feelings there.
And the end where she agreed to work with Wilcox - I'm sorry but she was so stupid here. I don't care what is in the folder. She doesn't know that it's actually real or if Wilcox is manipulating her to get what he wants - which is probably true. I think she's going to regret going against Joan and Arthur. Wilcox just wants his old job back. He's no good.


Used to be an Annie/Auggie shipper but was sucked over to the Annie/Eyal side over the past few episodes. They really have a spark. I think that Auggie is comfortable for her - but Eyal is exciting and unpredictable, like Simon, Ben, et al. Annie seems to go for the excitement; I don't know that this mature, settled-down thing is going to work for her.


I LOVE Annie & Auggie together! He is the only one who has truely been on her team the entire time. I think she has a better friendship with Eyal. He can't always be trusted. I also hope she learned her lesson with Lena and doesn't trust Wilcox.


So happy they didn't kill Eyal! Couldn't handle it if they had. It was bad enough that we lost Simon who I grew to love. This season was the absolute best and I don't think there's any way they could possibly top it. Having Eyal on these past several episodes is what actually made the season for me. He and Annie have the best chemistry and I was hoping they could make him a regular. I have no interest in seeing them try to put Annie/Auggie in a relationship. Seems like a best friend- brother/sister relationship to me. I'm done for now with the show unless they bring Eyal back next season.

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