Covert Affairs Review: Easy Target

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Continuing with the interesting David Bowie theme, this week's episode of Covert Affairs was titled "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)." After what he put Annie through, I wonder which of those refers to Eyal Lavine.

The man DID doctor the photos that caused the drone strike, or at least he was in on it with Mossad. He used Annie's friendship to help his company get what it wanted: a bomb that might blow up Khalid. That is something that comes as second nature to Eyal, using people to reach a goal. He's a spy.

A Scary Asset

After insisting that the intel was solid when Annie asked him about it earlier in the episode, Eyal finally admitted to her that he doctored the images. He said he went rogue, which coincided with his boss's story, but the real heart of the moment was what he said to Annie about who she is.

Eyal told her that there is no trust among spies, and that the fact she looks for the good in people only makes her weak and an easy target.

He really didn't beat around bush there, did he? It's true, though, isn't it? This is a ruthless world to begin with, and Annie is living hers amongst some of the most heartless there are: spies.

Sometimes seeing the good in people has worked out, as with Simon Fisher. And although it was obvious that Eyal was torn up about what he did to his friend, Annie seeing the best in him definitely did leave her and the CIA vulnerable.

It's not really that she just believes everything she's told, or that she jumps right in with two feet whenever someone flashes a smile at her. With Eyal, Annie allowed a long-lasting professional and friendly relationship to get in the way of the fact that at the end of the day, altogether now, "there is no trust among spies."

Will Eyal turn back against Mossad and attempt to help Annie through her current problem? Maybe, but that won't change the fact that the good in her heart created a major problem for her and her company.

That issue hasn't gone away either. The hour ended with Meghan finally reaching Khalid and the big bad terrorist asked her who the woman was that approached her. "Annie Walker" was uttered -  and now we're all in big, big trouble.

As all of this was going on, Joan decided that it was time to take some time off. She admitted to Arthur that she wasn't a good role model for her department because she didn't take time for any other part of her life. This was a healthy step for Joan and Arthur, as it seemed like she was being honest and open with her husband for the first time in a while.

Auggie, unfortunately, took a back seat this week. I would love to see him back in the forefront in the final two episodes of the season. Wouldn't you?

What did you all think of "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)?" What were your favorite moments? Is Annie too trustworthy? Or is seeing the good in people her best quality? Oh, and what are your predictions for what might happen in the final two episodes of the season?


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Good God WTH is happening to covert affairs????oh I just want Auggie to see,and him and Annie to take on bad people.


Thank you people! You've thoughtfully laid out great criticisms and, unlike the reviewer of this episode, refuse to give Annie a free pass for her mis-steps. I had been looking forward to a plot where Annie was transformed by the lessons learned by her past and the wisdom of her more experienced and well meaning supporting cast into a maturing agent with new insights and more decisive action Instead of four episodes of physical trial, spiritual doubt and emotional release leading to this catharsis we get a single episode wherein a petulant girl is absolved of all responsibility because of the sudden and supposed emotional, moral and intellectual shortcomings of just about everyone else. The writers may not be monkeys but they seem to think that we are.


Covert Affairs is now being written by monkeys?


I agree this episode seemed off. There could be an interesting storyline if Eyal wants to stay in the US after walking away from Mossad, although I fear he may give his life to save Annie one more time. Kate, I also thought that his bosses wanted to "turn" Annie because she appears to be an easy mark. will we see Megan's body as the opening sequence next week? Now, there is a stupid woman.


We were told in the beginning that Annie was at the know-it-all teenage stage, well Annie, reality bites. Hopefully S4 will be more of a mature coming in her own as a spy Annie. I can't see why they would throw Eyal under the bus for a - rub CIA in the ground by Mossad, really allies play nice now. Two episodes left, hope they show a more rounded person that is Eyal, seems like they cut his lines or something as the scenes are so roughly acted. I pray someone gives Joan a wardrobe makeover on her time off! And really would like to see Annie in more disguises then the same hair and shoes. So she is outed in Russia and now by the Saudi's, hello? I know the world is a big place but will they give her a new name and new digs next time? She can only live in Eyal's place for so long... unless he is climbing in bed with her and we haven't been shown it yet ~


I really like Joan and Annie and I am getting a little frustrated that Annie continues to ignore their advice. Her attitude that she knows better then all those around her is really starting to annoy me.


Kate, I agree with you about Eyal falling on his sword, so to speak - but I hate that the writers themselves threw him under the bus. Just wanted Annie to be able to trust someone, because she has just been double-crossed all over the place. Eyal, the girl who went back to Khalid, even Lena, whom she trusted. I know this is just angst, and it does keep Eyal on the canvas longer - and I do fully expect him to completely help Annie in the next two episodes. I just hope they don't kill him off "while saving Annie" in the end because that would be unbelievably stupid to get rid of such a fabulous character.


DC - I think the whole Eyal thing is a long term plan...I would be willing to bet he had no idea the pictures were doctored when he gave the folder to Annie and that Annie was right, he was just throwing himself under the bus. But, he also knew to expect something like this, he just didn't think it would involve totally ending his relationship with Annie (I had this theory that Mossad actually wants to recruit Annie to be a double agent). I also think that Covert Affairs is treating Mossad like previous spy type shows treated MI6.


Throwing Eyal under the bus was reprehensible, so I hated that about this episode. Having him be responsible those actions didn't ring true, either - the man infiltrated a Russian prison to rescue her, for crying out loud! However, hearing Eyal's little speech about her faults should be the kind of thing to make Annie consider getting out of the spy game altogether. They left some holes in the story: Is Annie still staying at Eyal's place in DC?


I thought these past few episodes had being written and acted really well. Until this episode. For a character that we've all come to love on screen him finally telling Annie how it is and the effective end to the trust they had for each other was over and it didnt have quite the profound impact that it should have. Eyals speech about how he turned the asset in amsterdam and how he was seeking vengence for her death felt very unemotional and poorly acted. And this comes from someone that thinks Oded Fehr is a breath of fresh air on this show. Hope it improves for the final two episodes

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