Dexter Review: Doom, Gloom and Va-Va Voom!

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Dexter Season 7 may be better than Dexter Season 4.

While the latter featured an iconic performance by John Lithgow as Trinity, the former continues to churn out enthralling episodes week after week, each eschewing the tired concept of Dexter trying to change and instead focusing on this serial killer embracing his true identity.

With Deb unable to accept that, "Do the Wrong Thing" turned Dexter's attention to Hannah McKay, a kindred spirit to whom he can't help but be attracted - and the results were a series of mesmerizing conversations that culminated in... Dexter turning his kill table into a thrill table.

Wow. Did anyone see that coming?!?

Sizing Up Hannah

The final scene was as gripping as it gets.

The series had done such a stellar job up until that point of painting its title character as legitimately confused over this mysterious blonde. Yes, she fits his criteria as someone who deserves to die at his hand.

But she's also turned on by death, she clearly walks around with her own Dark Passenger. And with the other woman in his life so disgusted by her sibling's murderous desires, it made sense that Dexter would be unable to resist the connection he and Hannah share. Finally, someone who understands! Who takes an interest in death! Do what you have to do, Hannah told Dexter, a reaction unlike any he's ever heard from a victim lying beneath his blade.

And that he did. He simply had to embrace this like-minded soul. It was a shocking, suspenseful closing few moments. I loved every second of it, sincerely unsure how it would end.

And that was just living in the scene itself. It gets even more exciting to ponder the possibilities ahead: Deb now has her own suspicions regarding Hannah, that Sal Price guy isn't going away, LaGuerta won't drop the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation and there's a deadly serious (and awesomely portrayed) Ukrainian mob boss sitting in prison, aware of Dexter's identity, set on picking up where these two left off when he gets out.

The walls are closing in on Dexter from every conceivable point of view. He can no longer turn to Deb. Will he and Hannah go off on their own killing spree? How much will he open up to someone who has broken Harry's Code, someone who has gone around and killed innocents? Dexter may think he and Hannah are alike, but can he really trust her?

Just a great, great episode all around. Quinn's storyline is even intriguing and, well, Batista may retire and purchase a restaurant. Okay, that can't all be winners.

But from Deb and Dexter's disintegrating relationship to Dexter's new and dangerous bond with Hannah, the show doesn't need for a Trinity-like Big Bad. Dexter is providing all the chills, thrills, doom, gloom and, this week, va-va voom all on his own.


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Am I the only person who thinks this season sucks? I had such high hopes after the season 6 finale but this is just rubbish, even season 3 was better than this. It would have been better if Deb didn't know and the dark passenger was still a secret. Hannah is uninteresting, Quinn and Russian are uninteresting (is Quinn the dumbest cop ever?) and Batista's storyline doesn't make sense I'm really very dissapointed. Where's the suspense? It's just ridiculous


Dexter jumped the shack :


oh come on since the first time they met - I knew they gonna have sex


I wondered if Dexter revealing his true nature to Hannah could have been like some kind of rebound type thing. The one person in the world he loves and listens to (for the most part) has completely left him out in the cold. Deb will never understand, but Hannah does. Again, this is going to be a huge mistake for Dexter like Trinity, Doomsday, Lila...but we are seeing more this season that Dexter, as careful as he claims to be, makes mistakes. Big ones. Being in the wedding photo, trusting killers to get a better understanding of how they live their lives so he can follow suit..As careful as he is, he is also flawed, which makes him human. Something he fights very hard to come to grips with every day. Quinn screwed up big time and for what? Some russian stripper? Why hasn't anyone noticed Louis is nowhere to be found, other than Batista asking his sis if she's heard from him lately.


Up until this last episode, this season was promising, but Dexter has officially jumped the shark. Seriously, getting it on on his killing table?? What need of his Dark Passenger does that fulfill? It seems that the writers have forgotten that he is an emotionless, ritualistic, serial killer. If you want to try and break that mold, fine, but you can't have it both ways. He can't be the "I need to kill someone" monster, then suddenly, in a flood of emotion, decide that he'd just rather bang her instead. And the "I wonder what she wants" line was just silly. Oh wait, he doesn't understand emotions, that's right. Except when it is convenient. For me, Dexter is going the way Weeds did; I still watch because I'm invested, but it is becoming just the same stuff, different day, while the plot keeps getting more and more ridiculous.


I'm not sure I share your enthusiasm. The Hannah thing is a repeat of the Lila. Why must Dexter has to have a love interest ?

Strawberry fields

Oh, come on! No no no no NO! What happened to "I will never make that mistake again", Dex? You let Trinity and Travis live for way too long and look how great that worked out. Or you know what? Forget about Trinity and Travis, this is worse. This is Lila all over again. What the hell? One psycho bitch experiment wasn't enough? Another great episode and awesome season so far.


"Wow. Did anyone see that coming." you have to be kidding me everyone saw that coming, how can someone not notice a key detail about this entire season so far


I just don't want Deb and Dex together as a couple. I'm definitely enjoying this more than all the previous seasons except for season one and perhaps two.
But I saw it coming.
The "I wanna take you out" cracked me up, but then later Dexter ruined it for me by explaining it himself.
Also, damn that girl can spread em. And can Deb please change her hairstyle? It's driving me INSANE.


@Wally if it comes to him chosing between Hannah and Deb, he will always choose Deb! I think that's what's gonna happen and they might even get together, which would be a bit weird I admit, but very bold!

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