Elementary Review: Like Father, Like Son

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"One Way to Get Off" was another great episode of Elementary. 

Right off the bat, I'm going to confess that I'm extremely saddened about the confession of Irene Adler being dead... if it's the truth. I am not one hundred percent convinced, however, it could be another Sherlock mind game.

This could also be me being naive about the situation and refusing to believe. I look at how Jonny Lee Miller portrayed this scene and it's hard to say he's lying when he looked so genuine. I just don't know!

Let it also be known that in the novels Adler is known to be deceiving. Is there a chance she faked her death? It would surely explain why Holmes is convinced that she is indeed deceased. (Note: this is speculation! We can just take this and add it to my already extremely long list of questions.)

Watson Researches Holmes

Does this mean that this little reveal will lead to Moriarity? Probably not, but all it took was this one little sentence to make me want more backstory than I did last week. Watching Joan investigate his past just sucks me right into the episode because I, too, wait for that little piece of information that will help us understand Holmes just that much more.

I want (need?) to know more about Sherlock for two reasons:

  1. I want to see the differences between Elementary's take on Sherlock versus the fiction version of him portrayed in the original novels. 
  2. The more Watson finds out about Sherlock the more he opens up to her which makes makes their dynamic stronger.

Whether the relationship between Holmes and Watson be purely professional/friendship or potential love-interest the greatest thing to see as a viewer is the characters learn and develop trust in each other. Tonight was a prime example of why this element is key in any show.

I don't necessarily mean this trust is that they confide in each other, tell each other all of their secrets or even know that they'll be for one another. In Holmes's case he wants Joan's insights and knowledge to help him in an investigation. We all know that Sherlock is going to figure out the truth one way or another but he trusts that Watson will guide him there. She may be oblivious to it but he has already let her in more than he has anyone else. The fact that he told her about Irene - even if it was vague and short - was more than most have uncovered about him. Well, that we've met so far.

Let me talk about the case a little bit.

I called the killer again! Maybe Sherlock is rubbing off on me. I thoroughly enjoyed this ond and I feel a little morbid saying so since it was about a serial killer. Let me re-word that: I enjoyed the clues and process Holmes took to get to the truth. How did I figure out the killer? Seeing the young man for only 30 seconds would have been a waste of time and space if he wasn't involved somehow.

Did I guess that he was the son? No. There's the twist.

It seems the saying ring true with this episode, "like father, like son" and you know I could even go for the saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" but I prefer the first one. I honestly believed that the man in jail was innocent and I have to say I'm glad to see he wasn't. What a slime. Job well done, Captain, even if your past partner did plant the evidence, you got the right man.

Speaking of his ex-partner, can we have more of her please? I get the feeling that their past isn't so civil and maybe even a little bit of sexual-tension. Now, this could definitely be me filling the emptiness from the lack of love interests this show has. Whatever the reason be, I liked it. Moving on...

How about that reveal of the iconic Psycho theme being Watson's ringtone? Am I the only one that laughed extremely hard at this? When it first went off I jumped out of my chair, that sound should never happen without warning. Terrifying but extremely entertaining. Point to you Sherlock, again.

Overall I enjoyed the episode thoroughly, both the case and the usual bit of Watson going to find information on her own. I can't wait to see where we go from here and even to the season finale. I have this feeling it's going to be a whirlwind and I'm ready for it. Now that I am officially covering Elementary I get to share all of my "fangirling" with all of you and we will go on this journey together. Corny right?

No new Elementary next week, so happy holidays everyone!


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the only problem i had with the episode was that the son had brown eyes not blue im guessing the actor was alergic to contacts and they thought we wouldnt notice, also i think sherlock thinks irene is dead but i think she faked her death or she survived an accident (ie a building colapsing on her) but didnt get in contact with sherlock afterword so he thought she was dead.


I have to say this Im a Sherlock nut ever since I was a kid and Im loving the new takes on this show. And though I love the Mentalist as well and its spin of Sherlock meets Moby Dick nethier has yet to surpass the best spin of Sherlock in the past 10 yrs. And this is for all you BBC dicks that think you have the best Sherlock said to say it but while you guys were fighting CBS well Fox beat both of the BBC and CBS. House was Sherlock Holmes with a great spin on the mystic of the ideal. House is Holmes, Wilson is Watson and Cutty was Adler, it was all about the puzzles for House and in the end he choose Wilson over it all. Give David Shore his due he did it well.


I'm so unhappy about there not being an episode next week. Ugh.
This episode was just excellent. Though I had a theory he may have had a son, I didn't think he'd be involved.
Though I am loving the cases, I'm also enjoying the Watson and Sherlock dynamic more. Liu and Miller just have great on screen chemistry and though I am hopeful that the writers don't cross the line of introducing a relationship, I have a feeling they'd introduce a subtext.
Overall, I found the last 30 second scene between Joan and Sherlock the best. The words and tone he had used to describe everything was just right. Short and sweet. The more episodes that go on, the more I can't wait to find out what's going to happen to her once their 6 weeks are up.

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sherlock: You're right, I have been cutting you off. The demands too sulking and it is no way to conduct an adult relationship. I might not like what you did but I suppose I have to respect you're right to do it. I would propose a toast to our new spirit of collaboration but I neglected to pour myself a coffee. Would you mind waiting a moment?
Watson: Of course.
[Sherlock leaves the house]

Joan: Part of recovery is addressing painful things. If you ignore them they become triggers.
Sherlock: Could you shoot me all of this in an email? I'm much better at processing the written word.