Emily Owens, M.D. Review: You Gotta Have Faith

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I've loved every episode of Emily Owens, M.D. so far, for different reasons.

For some, it's been the medical cases and watching Emily interact with her patients. For others, it's been Emily herself. Tonight, my love comes from the fact that there was serious story development going down.

The love-triangle plot certainly thickened on "Emily and...the Question of Faith." Except I'm not entirely sure Emily knows it.

Emily Treats an Infant

Here's Emily, a point in two conflicting triangles. Will, Emily, and Cassandra make up one of the triangles while Micah, Emily, and Dr. Hamata comprise the other.

Will and Cassandra are definitely a thing right now. Emily's his friend. Cassandra's his girlfriend. He wants the two to get along. It just won't happen.

I can't fault him for wanting the two of them to be pals, or even for thinking he's doing a good thing for Emily in asking Cassandra to give her a chance, but surely he had to think that things would be awkward, right? (My guess is actually no, not really, because he's just not programmed that way.) The conversation outside the OR while Will was completing his first surgery?

Painful. Awkward. Cringeworthy. And Cassandra kept going on purpose. (You can read the whole thing on the Emily Owens, M.D. quotes page.)

Will's asking Cassandra to be nice to Emily for a change was a good-guy gesture. Except he forgot one thing: Emily's still in love with him and he knows it.

The plot thickens because Micah can see it too. And so can Will's patient.

Emily, despite her best efforts to be Julie Andrews, radiates her emotions when it comes to Will. She wears them on her sleeve like a badge.

Oddly enough, the one person who can't see them is Cassandra. Probably because she's too busy with her hatred, jealousy and one-upping to see much of anything when it comes to Emily.

While Emily may have tons of emotion regarding Will, she doesn't have much chemistry with him. She might think they have chemistry, and after the conversation with his patient, Will might think they could have chemistry, too. But it's just not there.

Emily and Micah, however? There's a whole lot of chemistry between Emily and Micah. Emily can't see it. Micah probably can't even see it. But Dr. Hamata can see it just like she's reading a chart. That's what prompted her to lock Micah down with her eight-or-ten week mindgame regarding how long they've been together.

Dr. Hamata knows she has a good thing and isn't planning to let it slip away to a lowly resident.

Speaking of lowly residents, in non-geometry-related news, I'm still very up in the air regarding Tyra. On the one hand, yes, I can see how she'd be mad at Emily for keeping a secret like that. On the other hand, all Tyra has done is perpetuate rumors and cause trouble for Emily by creating problems she wants Emily to fix. My sympathy is in short supply for her anger. It's in even shorter supply for her decision to tell Cassandra Emily's secret in retaliation.

I suppose Tyra redeemed herself by recovering Emily's evaluation of Dr. Bandari before the Chief and Dr. Bandari could read it, but I think Dr. Bandari needs to hear the things Emily had to say, so I would've been equally as interested in seeing where that story went had the evaluation been read. It seems that no one except Emily questions Dr. Bandari's authority and Emily is at least able to do so respectfully. I could see that assertiveness being a quality Dr. Bandari secretly admired about Emily.

One positive on the night was the way Emily started taking her own internal advice. In previous episodes, we've watched Emily tell herself what to do and then do the opposite. She grew a little tonight as she started listening to her inner voice a little more. She's starting to trust herself.

What did you think of "Emily and...the Question of Faith?" As we head into the midseason finale, what are your thoughts on the series thus far?


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I love this show and it cant get canceled before we see how the triangles pan out. I would really love to see Emily realize what a great guy Micah would be for her romantically. I love their chemistry with on another and if I were Emily I would be like, Will who and take a shot at Micah. Besides the romance, I think that Emily interacts so well with her patients and/or their parents. She knows just the right thing to say to correct a mistake or if a patient needs advice. I hope that we get more Emily Owens in the future.


This episode was actually enjoyable because you could see growth in Emily and even Cassandra at the end when she realizes that what Emily did was hard and probably something that she wouldn't be able to do either. I am starting to like this very much and I like that they use drama, comedy and medicine all in one episode. Its much better than Hart Of Dixie which has zero medicine at all. I hope that The CW has faith in this show and orders the back 9 and even a 2nd season.


*hamata* sorry typo


I'm falling in love with this show. This episode developed the two love triangles here and it showed how Emily is slowly but surely getting control of herself. She's getting stronger and stronger by each episode. Her and Micah has pure chemistry ( am I the only one who sees it?) Dr. Hazmats sees it too from the way she looked at the two of them in the lounge. She got all defensive and put the lock down on Micah by that eight or ten week mess. This was one of the best episodes ever. Can't wait for next week that one looks totally interesting w/ the rapist. I really hope they don't get rid of this show, there's a lot of people who enjoy it. Maybe we could sign a petition or something if it does get cancelled. Here's to hoping it doesn't

Miranda wicker

@ShivyMay--Thank you for pointing out that triangle. In my head when I had Emily as a center point of both triangles, that one was clear, but that didn't make it into the review. I'm blaming the baby who woke up halfway through, distracting me from my thoughts. That's certainly the central triangle and it's refreshing because it seems that none of the three are totally aware they're involved in it. Micah *might* realize it first. Maybe. But I think his turning to Dr. Hamata was his way of being the honorable one and letting Emily have the shot he thinks she has with Will. (Did that make sense, anybody?)


I really liked this episode, the fact that both Emily and Tyra came clean. I still don't like Cassandra, but I found they made her more human and layered. I now get where she's coming from. She doesn't understand Emily. She thinks her low self-esteem is an act to get more sympathetic. She's jaded and thinks everyone is faking and manipulating. I too would have liked Dr. Bandari to see a real evaluation. I couldn't believe everyone was lying like that, but then it shows how people usually don't stand up to bullies. That's what I like about this show. There's something a bit too real about it. It doesn't try to paint a pretty picture.


I'll die if this show gets cancelled. Seriously.
No, not seriously. But I'll be pretty upset, hehe. Love Micah. He looked so happy on the roof when he thought she would say she had feelings for him...


Tonight's episode was an incredible one, and yes i can see the triangle but also between Micah, Emily and Will. I think Will who claims Emily is his friend can be very insensitive and although he wanted to be the good guy in getting Cassandra to like her, he must know that they have a long way to go. Plus why are the two of them so affectionate at work, seems unprofessional, especially since they just started dating. I would prefer Emily with Micah mainly because he has a way of giving her good advice and she seems to be more open with him than she is even with Will who she has known for a lot longer, on the plus side Micah's mother already likes her.


Love this show! I just saw some random webpage saying that this show is sure to be cancelled at the end of this fall season, which is a terrible shame. I guess it has low ratings? But I love it. Sigh.


I love this show.

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Emily: We'll just take it slowly. The whole friendship thing.
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