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I didn't get to see the show yet but seriously did I see Sam and britanny kiss this is a sad day for me damn Ryan Murphy and glee so sad now :(


As usual, I enjoy the show, but absolutely can't stand Kitty. She needs to be written out if the show somehow. If that doesn't happen, I agree with this review: it needs to be made clear that Kitty was the one who's been screwing with Marley in regards to her weight & some serious accountability needs to take place.

I'm so over Kitty's character. Oh, & I love Quinn, but really?! She went to college & regressed as a person. I mean, it happens, but goodness.


Darren and Chris absolutely nailed their beautiful/heartbreaking scene.
Yay for Klaine, even as BFF!!!


@ZJWurt--I should've made it clear that the 4 stars isn't because of the bulimia story and what they might do, but is because, as a whole, I felt this episode wasn't as strong as last week's. Sectionals/competition episodes are always kind of...slow? Yes, slow. The first half is spent building up to sectionals and the second half is the actual competition, but then this week we had to split competition time with the New York story and it felt too back-and-forth.


Dianna Agron is all I watched this episode for the first time this season, because Quinn Fabray is my favourite character. Now she is gone again, I can stop watching again.


I just hate that we have no idea what happened at Sectionals?!? Are we reverting back to Season 1 so far that we lose Sectionals? Scratch that, we didn't lose Sectionals even in Season 1, this is frightening! (Oh! And the whole Marley-bulimia thing is scary too, but this is Glee so she will have a happy ending).

I'm kind of appalled with myself that I'm so invested in the fictional glee club competition of a TV show, but here we are and it's Season 4.

On a side note: did anyone else really LOVE the "kiki" song?


I'd rate this episode 5 stars. I get that Glee has problems with covering these kinds of things, but I think they've been pretty good with this story, and the review seems like you're knocking off a star for something you think might happen. That's just what I think. I do understand the Quinn thing is kinda dumb, but not dumb enough to give it 4 stars.

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