Glee Review: When It's Over, Is It Really Over?

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One thing is certain after tonight's episode of Glee: Things are officially done for Kurt and Blaine and Rachel and Finn. Our dynamic duos won't be reconciling any time soon. Mega bummer.

But in other McKinley news, "Glease" rocked the house, and proved to me, once again, life is better on Glee when the drama stays in high school.

Blaine and Sugar

I'm a fan of Grease. I grew up watching it and singing along and found myself doing the same tonight, which is always a good sign. While "Greased Lightning" was a bit slow and forced, the slumber party scene, aside from the hideous costuming, felt like something that Kitty would do: invite the girls over for the purpose of humiliating one (or more) of them.

Overall, the McKinley production of Grease was pretty great. Perhaps not as good as Rocky Horror, but it definitely wasn't terrible. And did anyone else who's a fan of the film besides me marvel at just how much Sugar looked like the original Frenchy? The similarity was downright freaky!

But the ultimate purpose of tonight's episode wasn't about the musical at all. That was simply a means to an end. Or two ends, to be more specific.

Rachel and Finn are now so broken up they don't even want to have contact with one another, even in song. And Kurt refused to speak to Blaine after borrowing Rachel's courage and bravado. I can't say that I saw reconciliation coming for either couple, but at least there's closure now. Their final words, or some of them, are chronicled on the Glee quotes page and were actually heartbreaking to listen to.

The doors are still open for Santana and Brittany and Mike and Tina, though, so fans of those couples should be excited.

I truly can't even begin to think about how clunky the story with Brody is right now. Did he really just sleep with a dance teacher? That whole thing is a hot mess and it makes me kind of cranky to think about being asked to care what happens to him.

I know that Cassandra is bitchy and has it out for Rachel, but Brody sleeping with her, even in the context of Cassandra's conversation with Rachel about Rachel going back to Ohio, makes no sense. While we haven't exactly gotten a lot of characterization for Brody, tonight didn't fit and was, in my opinion, simply an opportunity to have him take his shirt off again.

When this season debuted, I thought the New York scenes were fantastic and fresh and kept the show alive. I was disinterested in the stories of the new high school students. After the past two weeks, I wish more than ever that Rachel and Kurt Take New York had been an actual spin-off instead of what's beginning to feel like baggage.

We all lamented the noticeable absences of Mike, Mercedes, Santana, Puck and Finn in the first several episodes of Glee Season 4. After tonight, aside from the whole Santana-as-Rizzo lunacy, I'm convinced that writing their whereabouts into the dialogue without writing them into the physical scenes was the way to go. 

The same needs to be done with Rachel and Kurt no matter how much I love them.

Here's the thing: Rachel and Kurt are Glee. They are and always will be. But they're not in glee club anymore. And neither are any of the other graduates who've gone off to do their own post-high school things.

While watching Marley and Kitty tonight, and seeing the way Kitty manipulated Marley, and then watching Marley and Ryder, I found myself asking "What if these characters had come first?" If we'd gotten Ryder and Marley and Jake and Kitty first, chances are good we'd feel about them the way we feel about Rachel and Kurt and the other graduates now. In short, our new McKinley High School students need their fair shake, and they won't get that with the dueling story of Rachel and Kurt in New York always diverting our attention.

Those are my musings on things so far, anyway. No doubt there are those who'll disagree with me. I'm okay with that.

What did you think of "Glease"? Are you more or less invested in McKinley after the past two weeks?


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I agree having both NY and Lima isn't working, but I'd rather just move the show to NY. These episodes that center on the kids in Lima have shown me I just don't care about them and I'm really starting to resent Rachel and Kurt's stories being in a holding pattern while they focus on the new kids.


Oh lord my Klainer heart hurts after watching that. If it weren't for my hourly trolling of reliable spoiler sites, I might have just stayed in a corner of my room and bawled my eyes out for the rest of the night. But I know there is hope, and so I have come out of hiding.
I did like tonight's episode despite spending many scenes trying to not cry. The brief flashback to the very first episode made me feel all sentimental. I'm anxious to see where they take this storyline with Marley, and I hope they take it very seriously. Finn becoming the new director for ND is... Eh, I'll reserve judgement I guess. As always, can't wait for next week's episode!


I'm SO past tired of Finn & Kitty. Over them both ...


What the heck is happening with Glee? The commercials just cut into the show randomly, cutting out most of the scenes. Hardly even worth watching. Boo Fox.

Miranda wicker

In rereading my post, I realize I was unclear regarding New York. I'm not calling for scratching it entirely. I'm just calling for the emphasis on that part of the show to be dialed back. I find that I'm growing more and more invested in the lives of the new high school students and I'd like to see more of that.

Charmed jenna

Didn't enjoy this episode as much as the last one, probably because I'm not that much of a Grease fan, but I gotta say there we're a lot of small moments that made the episodes really worth the while. My favourite performance was "There are worse things I could do" I loved Mercedes-Rachel-Kurt reunion, the Mike and Tina convo, when Tina assumed she'd be Rizzo(very glad they had this scene), The Santana- Britanny convo. It just seemed like there we're moments for every cast member and I loved it. Where I found Kitty amazing last week, I really didn't enjoy her mean streak this week. It wasn't funny at all and just plain mean. While I felt the Cassie-Brody parts we're really random, it was nice seeing him with his shirt off. I agree with everything about this review except scratching NY, I actually enjoy the shows new format, makes for endless possibilities.


I agree with most of this, except for the advocating of Rachel and Kurt getting less screen time. I think the two storylines work perfectly together in most episodes. In most cases, the writers manage to parallel the NYC storylines with the Ohio storylines. I still care very much about Rachel and Kurt, and to be honest, if they were to leave the show completely, I would still watch, but not every episode every week, and certainly wouldn't care much about it. Coming from a harsh critic of season 3, I really think the show is pulling itself together. For that to happen, Rachel and Kurt need to stay. The show probably wouldn't hurt by airing a few episodes without them, and in turn airing episodes featuring only them. It's a balancing act I guess.


Where the heck is Quinn?


I asked myself the same question. Would I have been interested in Glee if these new kids were the original cast? My answer "meh!!!" I would have been gone after week one, and I'm pretty sure that the show would never have generated any buzz to get me watching in the first place. In my opinion the 2.0's are bland shadows of what was. And what is worse is that every time a Santana or Mercedes takes the stage i am sad and nostolgic for what was and what could still be.


I grew up with Grease too and loved it. I felt Blaine was a perfect Teenage Angel but the song was a little lower than what he normally sings. My mom actually text me and said the same thing about Sugar looking like Frenchy. I wish Tina would get some more screen time, although I feel she is almost a completely different character from the girl who dressed all in black and pretended to have a lisp. I loved "You're the One that I Want"; I completely forgot Finn and Rachel had attempted to sing that song at the very beginning of the series. Finn's talk with Rachel was heart breaking. He does know Rachel so well. I loved her little "i have a few notes" comment. it's such a Rachel thing. Santana as Rizzo...well I'll let it go because she makes a great Rizzo. Brody...I'm really hoping next week we find out that he didn't sleep with her, Cassandra was just being a jerk.

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I've seen your true colors, Finn Hudson. You've got hate in that heart, Double Stuff. And probably also frosting.


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