Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Say It!

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Next week on Gossip Girl, we'll hear the five words we've been longing for.

Okay, fine, no one would have ever guessed these particular five words:

In episode six of Gossip Girl's last hurrah, "Where the Vile Things Are" ...

  • Blair gets ready for her mother's imminent arrival and demands.
  • Serena and Dan find themselves feeling unexpected emotions. 
  • Ivy, Chuck and Nate team up to uncover evidence against Bart.
  • Ivy and Rufus' gallery opening hits a snag - an empty RSVP list.

For a rundown of last night and where we stand heading into the back half of this truncated final season, check out our Gossip Girl review of what was one appropriately-titled "Monstrous Ball."

Then share your comments on the promo above, and season thus far!

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I'm so sick of so called fans claiming Chuck is a bad person because of his actions in tje pilot episode yes he tried to force himself on both Jenny and Serena but he also had a mother at tjar point tje writers intended for him to be a James Spader 80's teen movie villan they know they made a mistake but for people to always use that as the reason why Blair should be with Dan is foolish and irksome get over it Dair shouldve remained friends only the last episode was in my opinion the writers way of acknowledging that fact


Hear the five words - Where the Vile Things Are!

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