Gossip Girl Episode Preview: The Final Four

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On last night's Gossip Girl, fans were treated to a vintage mix of scheming, plotting and undermining, not to mention a major walk down memory lane in the form of one of the CW drama's one-time core couples.

Sparks were flying with nods to Season 1 abound as we remembered some Dan-Serena moments past, while the duo took a big step toward reconciling and potentially ending the series as romantic partners once again.

Fan? Not a fan?

Opinions on Derena will surely vary, as they do with most things Gossip Girl. With just four episodes to go, we'll find out what the series endgame is for that couple - and others - in less than one month. Crazy.

Looking ahead to next week, Serena and Dan realize they need to make amends with the people they have wronged, while S teams up with B to help craft an "it" look for Sage that will win Eleanor's approval.

Elsewhere, Chuck is close to getting the evidence he needs against his father, until one of his closest allies reveals his plan to Bart. From the looks of the promo below, it doesn't look like it ends well for Chair.

Check out the teaser for "Save the Last Chance" and see what you think:

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Oh god come on they have to have chair in the end. Enough with the we can't be together nonsense!! CHAIR has to be the end game. And all these rumors of Chuck dying are driving me insane he can't die!!!


Other than Sage occupying to much screen time this season it hasn't been as bad as some of the recaps/reviews have made it out to be granted High Infedilify Dirty Rotten Scandals and Portrait of a Lady Alexander were filler episodes they had some lovely Chuck and Blair scenes so if their not your favorite couple you might no enjoy the episodes granted most of the negatives reviews seem to be written by fans of the Dan and Blair relationship so they are obviously biased as for Chuck and Blair's pact it makes sense for them and I can totally see the two of them wanting to accomplish their goals before be together call me crazy


I hate thatt theyare pro derena!i hate derena!


"We can't stay together" again? Please. I'm happy that this show will end soon.


Glad to see the headband is back!


Guess I'm the only one who thinks the pact makes sense they both want to be known as something more than the others significant other the only part of it I would change us that they can't get married they can be engaged with the Harry Winston on her finger having hot limo/piano sex


I still don't get why chuck and blair can only be together if he beats his father, she's successful with waldorf design, all that crap. it's really annoying since we all know they're endgame anyways.

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