Gossip Girl Episode Promo: Giving Thanks

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Just three episodes to go on Gossip Girl, and many mysteries still to be solved.

Next Monday, "It's Really Complicated" for Dan and Serena, who host a Thanksgiving feast ... in December. The episode was supposed to air a week earlier before Hurricane Sandy pushed everything back, of course.

Picking up where last night's Gossip Girl episode left off, the apparently back together Derena decides to invite only their closest friends, but everyone seems to have their own agenda for attending the dinner.

Meanwhile, Dan has written his next expose, but faces a tough decision on whether to publish it, and Chuck begins to spiral out of control after being bested by Bart, leaving Blair searching for a possible solution.

Check out the promo for next Monday's installment and comment below:

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@Anna, I'm sorry but I do not trust Ausiello, because at the beginning of the season he said that Serena will end up with Steven, and that's not true! And another thing Ausiello is fan of Dan and Blair, which is another reason to not believe him!


@b, You mixed up the events from the book and the events from the series! Serena never mentioned the Red Sea in the series! Red Sea is mentioned in the book when Serena and Nate lost their virginity together, on TV was broadcast coverage of the Red Sea! Serena never was in love with Nate, at least not the way as in Dan! When Nate lost his virginity to Serena, Serena was not in love with him, she immediately regretted it, and Nate never done that! Serena was not a virgin, she already had a lot of experience in sex! It is true that Nate said to Serena how much she hurt him when she left, but it is clear that Serena was with Nate in season 3 only of remorse, not because she loved him, as well as with all the other guys, except of course with Dan - the love of her life!


@Zoran...I am sorry but you are wrong about no flash forward...Here is just one link that will take you to the info http://tvline.com/2012/11/14/g... ITs a video and if you fast forward to the last minute in a half, it's all there. Also, they are not going to have a Chuck and Blair wedding and a Dan and Serena wedding in the same time frame. Dan and Serena's wedding will be a few years ahead, you watch and see. And that was baby Bass, he is dressed exactly like Chuck. And he would be Lily's grandchild because Lily is Chuck's step mom!


Nate regretted it because Serena left that night and he thought she didn't love him he was a virgin Serena I'm pretty sure was not in the books they both are and she tells him he parted her red sea in the episode where Jenny is planning to lose her virginity to Damien he tells Blair S wouldn't understand why losing it is a big deal to a girl Jenny and s overhears then fight and he tells her how hurt he was when she left


@ MichaeIBL, No, Serena is not going to do that, as Nate did take advantage of a drunken Serena! Serena immediately afterwards regretted what she did, but Nate never! Serena was drunk, while Nate was not! Nate has been in a relationship with Blair, who was BFF of Serena! Nate tried to be with two girls at the same time (Serena and Blair), and he lost both of them! A lot of viewers think that Nate is a good guy, but he is not! Sex between Serena and Nate watched Chuck, and after, in the same way he try to take benefit of drunken Serena, but she managed to escape! On the other hand, none of the five are saint and they are all made big mistakes and hammered one another knife in the back!


@Zoran, if Dan spins the story of what happened in the season 1 flashback to make Serena Nate's victim, he will make an enormous mistake, because Serena herself will protest that this is a false picture.


@XOXO, I did not think the child is of Vanessa and Dan! Your allusion if the child is of Vanessa and Dan, but then Dan could leave Serena and marry Vanessa is wrong! I see that you like season 3, which was disastrous, when pregnant Georgina prevented Dan to went to Paris to propose Serena! This time, Dan will remain with the love of his life - Serena, and get married in the end!


Out of all the cast the child resembles Vanessa she ethnic and the child looks to be as well maybe V was pregnant when she left makes as such sense thinking he was S and D's


@zoran: i really think that this child is not the child from dan and serena. chair gets their wedding and the child. derena gets only the wedding. and i hope my rufly are reunited there again too.
chair, derena, rufly! so it should be at end.


@b, Of course the child is not Serena and Dan (one can hope that it is), but let's assume that only on the basis that the boy was dressed just like Chuck that is Chuck and Blair child, I think it is too simple. And I think we will have to wait and see whose child is!