Gossip Girl Review: Headbands and Heartbreak

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The countdown is on. With only a few episodes remaining in the final season of Gossip Girl, the series tries to bring it this week. Let’s discuss "Save the Last Chance."

Is Derena Back On? Things looked promising when the hour started off with Dan and Serena still in bed together. The two decided they need to make amends with their friends before they even think about getting back together and letting people know about it. Mission accomplished.

So these two are back together. Good idea? Doubtful. Looks like Good Guy Dan really is long gone, proving so when Georgina made a quick appearance to find out that S will be the next chapter. Sorry, Serena, your luck hasn’t improved yet.

Cute Dan and Serena Picture

Basshole Drama. This arc needs to come to an end. Not only did it take up the majority of the installment, but it led nowhere once again. Father and son fight for drama. Ex-husband brings evidence to ex-wife who burns it. Somehow in this mess, Ivy ended up half naked. Pretty much the only good part to come out of it. Ivy tried to make deals with the Bass’ to destroy Lily. Didn’t happen. Chuck tried to stop Lily from burning the evidence. Didn’t happen. Really, the same as other episodes this season. A lot of build up for nothing big to come out of it.

At least there were some interesting new relationships. Bart became Nate’s partner so he can own him. This won’t last long. If there is one thing that Man Bangs is good for, it is standing up to the elder Bass. Gorgeous and tough. Thank you, CW, for putting Chase Crawford on our screen every week. Now just get him to take his shirt off. It’s been a few weeks...

Cute Blair and Chuck Picture

In a completely creepy twist, Ivy is digging her claws into another older man. Welcome back, Billy Baldwin! Serena’s absentee father returned to make out with Ivy and prove the two had been working together to destroy Lily (called it)! William didn’t seem to interested in the scratchy throat vixen by the end of the hour. Could this all be a plot to destroy Ivy? 

Anyone else think that Ivy with William is creepier than being with Rufus?

Speaking of Rufus: what are you thinking about returning the evidence to Lily? Girl dropped you when her dead husband showed up. You can not possibly be that nice!

Queen B Returns. Blair’s pop up show was a success, even with the scheming of Sage and the other high school minions. Best part about it? B brought back the headband! Worst part about it? Her success highlighted Chuck’s failure, as he now thinks they can’t be together anymore. Make a decision, you two. 

B Fashion Show

Overall, a pretty solid episode for the final season of GG. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Save The Last Chance” up to par for an episode so close to the end? Check back for the Gossip Girl Round Table and visit our Gossip Girl quotes for the top stinging one-liners.  

With only three episodes left, what is going to happen to our favorite Upper East Siders? Sound off below and check out next week's Gossip Girl promo. Until next time, GG fans. XOXO.


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Serena looked better than Blair the skirt looked like half of the dress she wore in the season five finale with the top to the pokadot skirt from the premiere episode of this season Eric Daman has offically lost his fashion sense and his credibilty. Blair Waldorf would never wear most of the clothes he's had her wear this season hair and makeup have always lost their way but they did so years ago at least S looked as always expect the black bra but since it was one of her best outfits in a long time I'll let it slide


So after having to bear with the high-school superficiality of Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison, we are probably about to read a Leigh Raines review plus some other GG-delirious girl's enthusiastic nonsense in the closing weeks of the show. Steve Marsi, as chivalrous as it might seem to the poor girls, this is not really a gentlemanly deed to the readers of your reviews. But then again, probably this is the level of reviewing the show deserves at this point.


You write terrible reviews. I miss the Steve guy.
Blair was finally wearing something nice after SO long. But doesn't everybody agree that the relationships in GG are a little insane? Everybody forgives each other so easily, everybody falls in love so easily, everybody severs ties so easily. It's a little stupid.
The Chuck plot was boring. I'm honestly a little surprised that Nate is actually getting a storyline. Glad Sage got put in her place. I missed Georgina. And the Dan twist was the best thing they did this entire season. That guy doesn't deserve redemption. With Serena anyway. Also what the hell was Serena wearing. IT was so ugly. Chair please get there already. This is stupid.


Dan writting about Serena doesn't necessarily have to be bad.
Watch next week's sneek peak. He has two stories about her. Good one and bad one.
And I quote him saying to Georgina: "There is no winning without Serena" I'm telling you , these two are back on, face it ;) ps loooooved the episode. Classic GG is back :)


If Dan is only playing Serena he is irredeemable. His behavior is beyond gross. I hope Nate ends up with Serena and Dan ends up alone. I felt terrible for Chuck when Lily betrayed him but I wish he'd not pushed Blair away. Fingers crossed next episode is better for them.


The reviews of this season vary from site to site everyone is untitled to their opinion but when the reviewers never liked the show, the chracters, or certain couples why let their reviews keep you from watching and forming your own opinion personally I still enjoy the show but I also understand that the show is a soap opera on the cw and that a certain relationship that a former executive producer favored damaged the show but at last their trying


I liked Blair in this episode. Its nice to finally see her suceed for once. I really wan't too fond of the whole Dan and Serena. Seams so been there done that time and time again.


Just read on E! that series finale is in fact good and that it causes a lot of emotions and that the reveal of Gossip Girl makes sense kind of which gives me hope


I think Rufus didn't give the real evidence to Lily, there's more to it. And I have to say: the best thing about this GG season so far is EVIL DAN. :D


It was a good episode. I loved how Blair's debut was successful. So sad for Chuck. Hopefully their relationship isn't over! I have to admit the bassdrama is a bit boring but I think it'll continue until the last episode. I wonder what Dan is doing. How could he trick Serena that much? :( Couldn't it be a positive chapter about her? He seemed honest with her in the lift last week... They were so cute together... I can't wait for the remaining episodes. This season is way better than the fifth! :D

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