Gossip Girl Review: Partners in Crime

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Gossip Girl finally found a little bit of its groove again with the aptly-named "Monstrous Ball."

After a strong premiere, Gossip Girl Season 6 quickly lost steam. The characters have felt like they're through the motions at times in the buildup to the finale. There are always fun moments, but overall, it's been slow.

Hopefully tonight signified the momentum building once again as we head into the back half of this abbreviated final chapter in anticipation of a conclusion that can at least send the show into retirement on a high note.

Tonight's Cotillion-themed episode was all about alliances past, present and future, with the characters jockeying for position and trying desperately to take the reins in life, even if it was at the expense of their peers.

In almost every case, best laid plans blew up in their faces.

Blair and Chuck Love

Convoluted as the plot was at times, at least some things happened that reverberated throughout the Upper East Side and altered the trajectory of the season a bit, which hasn't been the case in previous weeks.

Blair and Sage were determined to make the former's company a success with the latter's Cotillion attire making for one provocative coming out party and offering her a chance to dethrone her dad's big proposal.

Serena was concerned about Steven’s attitude, but after some sleuthing, found out why. Sadly, or perhaps for the best in retrospect, his daughter's undermining derailed any hope of Serena and Steven getting engaged.

After stealing G's phone in the least believable run-in/misplaced electronic device Gossip Girl has ever thrown at us, the girl in the sex dress treated us to a screening of the Dan-Serena sex tape from the Season 5 finale.

Dan and Georgina ... okay, that's not even really a tandem at this point. G is just a crazy literary agent and pot-stirrer gone rogue. A true wild card with the night's most memorable quotes, but nobody's ally.

Georgina was impressed with Sage's gumption. Steven was irate with his daughter, but also upset with his would-be fiancee's actions. B was crushed by the tape; S was devastated that B and Sage were in cahoots.

Fans were probably just hoping that this marked the last of the Spences on GG.

The sex tape's long-awaited release certainly didn't lack for collateral damage. PG-rated as it was, no one came away clean. Dan came away with some phone numbers; he was as close to a winner as there was.

Sage and Georgina

Perhaps the most upsetting facet of tonight was yet another setback to the Blair and Serena's relationship that has been a cornerstone of GG since the pilot. As she said, it's been a long time since they were friends.

If they're going to find their way back to each other by December 17, the clock's ticking. The pursuit of a common enemy might help them mend fences, but it's sad to see how wide the rift between them has grown.

Ironically, if any relationships were strengthened tonight, they were Blair and Chuck - which Dan spent a good portion of the evening trying to unravel - and Dan and Serena, who wallowed in their mutual humiliation.

The surviving members of Dair Nation may have briefly felt a tingle up their collective leg, but it was clear by the end that no matter how ridiculous the Chair pact may sound, they are committed to it wholly.

Even as Chuck and Ivy's plan hit a roadblock when they couldn't turn Lily and Bart against each other (at least for the time being), and when Dan hoped to ruin Chuck in his true love's eyes, Chair didn't break.

The Chuck chapter of Dan's novel didn't have the desired effect. Nor did his efforts to worm his way back into the emotional opening he saw between that necklace and her ring finger. Lonely Boy got the heave-ho.

Hey, maybe there's a Derena reconciliation on the horizon. The diner scene definitely hinted that we're headed in that direction going forward. Wonder if missionary works for her ... in the fashion sense, that is.

Meanwhile, Nate and Sage and Rufus and Ivy continued to vie for the honor of least appropriate (and sadly, useful) couple. Poor Rufus. So maligned by his ex-wife and the show's writers simultaneously.

Overall, better, Gossip Girl. Not great, but better to say the least. Let's keep it going and see what happens heading into the final month of episodes and give this once-great series the sendoff it deserves.

Before we turn it over to your comments, here's next week's CW promo:

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I watched this episode and it was not that bad I enjoyed it and thought that the worse part was Sage's dress it was ugly having G explain why Blair was with Dan because she had lost Louis and her mind then having Blair tell Dan she'd rather be alone then with him best episode since the fourth season


@aida ley, In the United States season 6 began to show 8th October on the CW channel!


Sorry, but Dan never thought that Blair is his soulmate! For Dan is always and only always the love of his life was and still is only Serena! The reason why Dan and Blair are connected in season 4 is because Dan got mad at Serena because of Ben. Dan was trying to seduce Serena’s BFF Blair to make Serena jealous. But this were out of control. Because of that Dan behaved towards Serena like that in the end of season 5, he was not mad at Serena but to himself as well as at the end of season 1. Dan was angry with himself at the end of season 1 for allowing an unknown girl, Georgina, to destroy his relationship with Serena! Also at the end of season 5 Dan was mad at himself because Blair outwitted him and she go back to Chuck, and that Serena was right about Blair!


i love chair and still think they are cute together..but dan pinning for her still just insane..than in a matter of seconds he brushes that off and goes to serena. blair speach to serena was the worst. I "would never do anything to hurt you" hmm yeah because she (blair) went ahead and slept with dan with out not even loving him she crossed a line no best friend would ever cross. It would be like serena sleeping with chuck for the fun of it knowing how much that would hurt blair. Blair had no right to be so angry with serena or not even with dan (who i cant stand) because she had already choosen chuck. She just emailed dan to break up with him than slept with chuck a few days later at monte carlo..she never loved dan so why make such a fuss about it. Anyhow im glad dair is over for good. That was the worst coupling in all gg history.


PLEASE I want to know when the new series starts , I'M WATCHING THE RE-RUNS ON


@gemma so why are you watching?


i dont think Dan is going back to Serena cos Blair doesnt want him...i think he's going back to her cos he realised she's the one for him. He broke up with her last time cos he "will never be in her world" but he IS in her world now. In his own right. The last scene where Serena told him, about knowing that's his fav boxer for 4 yrs, u can see a flicker in his eyes like Serena does know him and that she REMEMBERS details like this. He always thought Blair was his soulmate (love for the same art, movies, etc) that caused him to crush on her and have this fixated view that she's the one. I think he's starting to realise that Serena is his soulmate, not Blair.


@BellaBass - Because we hope it'll get better. And we're disappointed every


first of all georgina is most rocking and hilarious character in the show,just love the scene where she stops some random guy, and then walks off with him,plus the guy is hot,best scene ever,totally agree that the phone grab was stupid.sage acting was so fake,oh just hate her,BITCH!!plus steven is too young to be her dad,so unrealistic,i must agree show is getting sucks!!
but still love it because of chuck,chuck is getting cuter,and CHAIR,not DAIR,i just hate dan!!poor DAN!!and i just hate the old ppl in the show,LILY,BART,RUFUS,ahhh!!wat a waste space!!still love the show with ivy too!!just throw all the old ppl in the show,so pointless having them in the show.


idk why people say this show is the worst blah blah and keep watching it??

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