Gossip Girl Round Table: "Portrait of a Lady Alexander"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of last night's Gossip Girl, "Portrait of a Lady Alexander."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff members Christina Tran and Leigh Raines share their opinions. Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. Favorite quote from the episode?

Leigh: Lily to Serena: "It's probably my fault you have a father complex." Ya think Lily???

Christina: Blair: “Listen, Princess Jasmine, I’m sure every one of those horses went straight to the glue factory.” I’m always down for a perfectly-timed Disney reference.

Steve: Georgina matter-of-factly stating that she's "pimping out celebutantes for Dan to have sex with." All business, that G.

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2. Favorite scene or storyline?

Leigh: Ummmm, this week was probably one of the worst episodes I've seen in years. I'll go with Serena yelling at Dan in the restaurant because he has really turned up the douche meter.

Christina: Slim pickings! However, I’ll go with the fact that Blair actually acknowledged that Dan helped her out last year.

Steve: Chair scheming. They do make a good team, even in slow episodes.

3. Would you hire Georgina Sparks as your agent?

Leigh: It depends how badly I wanted something. She's damn good at her job and knowing how to get Dan a better deal. She's crazy and unethical but effective.

Christina: No, because I can’t stand her. I never have and never will, and I absolutely hate that she is still around in what I thought was supposedly deemed an epic final season.

Steve: Definitely. I'd just be prepared to change my name and number and the locks on my house, because when you do business with the devil, it's only a matter of time until she changes sides.

4. Bart's big secret: Intriguing or disappointing?

Leigh: I guess it needed to be something really big, international, federal crime kind of big to waste several episodes on it. Why does Bart keep referring to Nate's dad as a criminal though? Has he met himself? Pot meet kettle.

Christina: Major disappointment! Seriously, Bart rises from the dead, and that’s his big secret?! He should have just stayed dead.

Steve: Of all the potential reasons for Bart Bass faking his own death, that does kind of make sense. Being rich is great, but not if it lands you in a federal prison. What Chuck decides to do about it and whether the payoff will be worth the many episodes spent on the storyline remains to be seen. What is Chuck's endgame with regard to his father? Does even he know?

5. Will the Dan-Serena sex tape see the light of day?

Leigh: I don't know. I think it'll be used for blackmail and maybe not released.

Christina: It’s only a matter of time. By the way, I loved that S had no qualms whatsoever about leaving her bag with Georgina. That was just so S.

Steve: It's already up on serenasecrets (dot) com. Just kidding, but admit it, you momentarily thought that was true. With G, you know she's already fielding offers.

6. Least interesting character: Steven, Sage or Ivy?

Leigh: Ivy has had zero use or entertainment value this season.

Christina: Ivy! I am so over her.

Steve: Sage. I just can't get into her storyline.

7. Biggest surprise: Dan rediscovering his moral compass, Blair wearing that green thing on her head, Steven name-dropping Kate Upton, or Scott getting a mention?

Leigh: I suppose Scott getting a mention was the most random even though I don't believe Steven got with Kate Upton. However, the writers know how to drop a line about relevant pop culture, so I'll give them credit on the Cat Daddy reference. Blair makes more fashion mistakes than not and I don't believe Dan is being truthful.

Christina: Scott getting a mention. I thought everyone forgot about him. Hey, I almost did, too.

Steve: Steven does have a thing for younger women, so going from Kate Upton to SVDW doesn't surprise me too much. Nor does Blair's headband (if you can call it that), for the reasons Leigh said. That leaves Dan and Scott, and I guess I have to pick the latter, simply because no one's mentioned him in years.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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Sorry, I meant, after season 3, as if Scott had vanished!


@pipp, @Roma, To be precise - from season 2 and 3, the first mention and appearance of Scott was in season 2! After that, as if he had vanished!


scott is dan, eric, serena and jenny's half-brother, lily and rufus' love-child from season 3


I don't remember, who is Scott?!!! Please!


Right now Georgina is the best thing about Gossip Girl, and that says a LOT. I mean, the whole Ivy, Sage and Steven deal doesn't come out all too well because they have been introduced in the final season. Shame, really.


1. Anything that comes out of G's mouth. 2. None. Everything was so terrible. Where's the NJBC love? If Serena and Blair are feuding, they should be actually feuding like in S1 & S2, not having this awkward stalemate. 3. Yes. I'd hire G just for pure entertainment values. 4. Bart, please go away forever. And bring your one-note, flat, whispering son with you, too. Also, why are the GG writers putting their hands in federal crime/oil business industry?? It is obvious that the writers know nothing about it and it makes the viewers cringe. 5. Obvi. Nothing stays a secret in GG's UES. 6. Ivy. She and her raspy, terrible acting need to go. 7. Scott. I forgot he even existed.


Considering GG is ending in a few weeks theres nothing keeping me hooked to watch another episode. The new characters are awful, Blair & Serena feuding is a waste of time, Chuck trying to take down his father is beyond boring - dude just let it go. Dan & Nate are as entertaining as a brick wall, Rufus should of left town with Jenny cause his role has just become pointless. I really do hope GG finishes on a high but episodes like this just kill it for me.


Wow this epsiode is bad. I missed in Monday night because I had to work. I didn't to watching until Wed evening because I just didn't care. I'm probably halfway through it and feel like it's a great waste of time. There's certainly not enough there for a round table discussion!


I was expecting this episode to be as bad as the last two especially after reading the recap and comments on this site but after watching I have to disagree this episode was the second best of the season the only problem I had was with the clothes hair and make up seriously who the hell is dressing Leighton or doing her hair and makeup whoever it is must hate her because she's looked like a hot tranny mess

Leigh r

@Hope - YES! I totally noticed the woman in the Julia Roberts outfit at the racetrack. Can't believe I forgot to mention it!