Gossip Girl Round Table: "Save the Last Chance"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of this week's Gossip Girl episode, "Save the Last Chance."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi and staff members Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Courtney Morrison share their opinions on everything that went down on the Upper East Side.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: Hate Bart Bass... love his quote: "Where are you going? Blair need you to come over and kill a spider?"

Leigh: Ivy's comment that if she had to eat another waffle she'd throw up or die or something. Touche!

Christina: Nate: “Who would have thought... Chuck Bass turns out to be the good guy, and Dan Humphrey is the villain." Nate's never looked better and I'm fairly certain he's as wise as ever, too.

Steve: I'm always a fan of the Eliot Spitzer-style political references one-tenth of the views probably get (Lily calling Serena a teenage Rielle Hunter being another favorite), but I have to agree with Courtney on this one. Bart really got him with that one, especially given that he's criticized Chuck relentlessly for his Blair obsession over the years.

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2. More disturbing: Ivy and Rufus or Ivy and William?

Courtney: Definitely Ivy and William. I had just gotten used to the Brooklyn couple and Ivy had to go all fatherly figure elsewhere. I get a very creepy vibe from these two. And obviously, William has another trick up his sleeve.

Leigh: Probably Ivy and William because she impersonated one of his daughters. Incest is not best my friend.

Christina: EW on both accounts. I can't pick either because both are equally disturbing to me.

Steve: Gotta go William there. Something about boning one's fake daughter just doesn't sit well with me.

3. Should Lily have burned the evidence on Bart or is there a backup somewhere?

Courtney: I don't know if it will be Lily or Rufus, but one of them is not that stupid and has to have a copy. I would hope so ...

Leigh: Somebody else somewhere has to have something to take down Bart Bass. He's a man with many enemies who were probably plotting before Chuck was even born. This is not the end of Bart's takedown. 

Christina: Bart Bass is going down. Microfilm or not... it's going to happen.

Steve: No, Bart's totally in the clear now, and Chair is done for. Sorry, just wanted to see if I could write that with a straight face. That guy's got more skeletons than ... someplace with a lot of skeletons.

4. No Georgina, barely any Sage, and no Steven: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Courtney: Thumbs up! I don't mind Sage all that much, and Steven I don't hate when I'm not picturing him on 7th Heaven... but Georgina I can not stand! She used to be bearable but has gotten worse over the past few guest stints If I never see the character again, I won't mind.

Leigh: I like a good dose of Georgie, Steven is whatever, but I am so sick of Sage (and the writers) thinking she can best Serena and Blair. Even though fashion trumped five family loyalty, I am so sick of her!

Christina: Thumbs up, for sure. There's hardly any time left, and all focus ought to be on our core characters. Forget about the rest.

Steve: Thumbs up. I do enjoy Georgina, but sometimes less is more. As for Steven and Sage, I don't dislike either with a passion, but knowing that the show is coming to a close and having them be such a focal point of Gossip Girl Season 6 has made it less enjoyable at times. Under these circumstances, it's hard not to view them negatively.

5. Chuck tells Blair they can’t be together... again. What’s next for these two?

Courtney: Make a decision!!!! Will they? Won't they? It's been burned into the ground. The two are in love with each other. They have fought to be together. Is taking down Bart really that big of a deal to keep them apart? I'm thinking not and that ring will be around Blair's finger instead of her neck in the finale. At least, that is my endgame :)

Leigh: Ugh please. We all know Chuck goes dark and Blair saves him. It's how they do. Three episodes left, but they aren't gonna end the series without making fans happy.

Christina: Seriously?! I can't believe the the tale of Chair together or not together has been dragged out all season long. Of course they'll end up together, but we likely won't get to see it happen until the very end.

Steve: See Gossip Girl finale spoilers. Enough said ... or something. Look, there's plenty of speculation about how things end for Chair, but anything short of a fairy tale will lead to widespread revolt as Leigh says.

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Out of left field??? You could see it coming from miles away! Just terribly written when they finally had the nerve to do it. And as for OOC - the whole of S6 makes no sense whatsoever. The characters have all been ruined to force endings that just make no sense.


Yes BAN was OOC. Oh well, we all make horrible dating mistakes when we are heartbroken.


@Kay she was talking about punctuation. Do you know the definition of the word. I would've liked the Dair relationship if Dan would've stayed true to himself. He acted out of character. And Blair she became a weak pale imitation of her former self. Not to mention the relationship came out left field.


@jen THANK YOU. I wish people would just stop putting Dan in the evil mind-rapist role. Regardless of her emotional state, Blair made her own choices. To say that Dan manipulated her into dating him is to claim that Blair is a mindless doll to be used by whatever man desired her the most at whichever point of her life. However, I feel for the rabid Chair fan base. Waiting for 5 seasons is difficult. I let that ship sink back in season 3 and jumped on the Nate/anything hot on legs ship. So, I can see where Chair fans could have gone insane with the waiting and false promises and ridiculous pacts.


Ivy and William seem much creepier. I think it's because Rufus doesn't seem or look that much older whereas William just seems older.
As a Chair fan, (and Dair fan as well), I do believe Blair and Chuck will be endgame. The unfortunate part is that they wasted all of the last season keeping them apart just to bring them together at the end.
I was happy to keep Georgina, Sage and Stephen to a minimum. I also agree that we need to focus on the main characters as much as possible.
I also believe that Bart will eventually have to face karma. I'm not sure in what form, but I feel confident that it will happen.


Dear B:
Please learn how to punctuate. Thank you.


And he knew why Louis stood Blair up but didn't tell her and was letting her think he had when he had done so to help Dan


Dan did sacrifice his own happiness for Blair to be happy with Chuck but after the car accident he went back to his stance from season 4 not wanting to be her friend wanting to be with her so he sent the blast that ruined her wedding and life then lied about sending it and blamed it on Chuck then when Blair tried to convince S she wouldn't act on her attraction and tried to explain how her kissing Dan would be perfunctory he kissed her passionately for anyone to think he didn't pursue her and scheme to win her over their delusional grow up dair fans


boohoo: i think lily earns a happy ending too. but i can see her only with rufus as happy end, or a single lily which is happy as grandmum and maybe with a new job too. lily and creeper william to the another side is a absolutly nightmare ending:( and well bart,, bart is not long there more.


i agree with christina, no more sage/steven/georgina in the next season. pls focus on the core characters for the remaining episodes. yuck! rufus and ivy is puky enough to even consider william and ivy plotting together at any cost to get back at lily's. this is incest - since ivy pretended to be this daughter. i think william is also using ivy to win back lily.in any case, i want them to burn in hell. is dan devious enough to use serena as a salacious book chapter or to really want a happy ending chapter for them/ where does that leave serena? if this is another dan/serena book, better make sure the ending for GG would be good serena and nate and chuck blair ending up together as happy couple. they deserve that kind of ending and of course, as a fan, i like that ending. double wedding, anyone? top it off with all the trapping of the the manhattan elite. what a dream ending. give lily a happy ending, too. i don't care if it is with bart or rufus

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