Gossip Girl Round Table: "Where the Vile Things Are"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of this week's Gossip Girl, "Where the Vile Things Are."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi and staff members Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Courtney Morrison share their opinions on everything that went down on the Upper East Side.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. Favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: I loved the scenes between Blair and Eleanor, but my favorite quote goes to a low blow from Queen B to Nelly: "Then why are you still sitting below me on the steps?" Classic throwback.

Leigh: This is so weird but "It's the people you know best who can hurt you the worst." Serena VDW has never been so well spoken.

Christina: Blair: "Hold it right there, Humpfreak!" I sincerely missed the Dan jabs.

Steve: B recalling that she'd been cordial for 52 minutes. Not that she's counting.

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2. Blair's devising a line based on her Constance school uniform: Is this her best idea yet or will it be another fashion disaster?

Courtney: Ehhh, not too sure. Could be super cute and fun or it could be a giant mess. I'm thinking since it's the end of the series... it will be a hit.

Leigh: I think it'll be a hit now that Blair is letting her dark side work with her light side! Gotta have the balance.

Christina: Well, one thing's for sure: Blair never looked better than in Gossip Girl Season 1 or 2. She definitely knew how to rock her uniforms, so I guess it's time for her to bring back the headband.

Steve: A wise fashion designer once said that everything old becomes new again. NOTE: I don't actually know if that's true, but there could be something vintage and old school about B's new idea.

3. Georgina was MIA. Did you miss her?

Courtney: Nope, NOT AT ALL.

Leigh: I missed G. She's hilarious.

Christina: I'm with Courtney on this one. It may be wishful thinking, but I hope we've seen the last of her.

Steve: While I recognize that she's often inserted into the plot in absurd ways, I'm with Leigh. The girl has so many of the best Gossip Girl quotes and there's never a dull moment. Poorly written, maybe. But not dull.

4. Derena is back on: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Courtney: Thumbs up. Only because their parents are no longer together and doesn't look like that's going to happen again. 

Leigh: Serena is too quick to forgive. I kinda dug it though. Season 1 vibes.

Christina: Thumbs down because I'm still rooting for Serenate!

Steve: Call me a sucker for old school Gossip Girl, but thumbs up because they might as well end the series the way it began ... either that or have the relationship implode again in even more spectacular fashion.

5. What was your favorite Ivy insult?

Courtney: Ivy blasting Lily at the art auction was pretty impressive, especially when she told her that she wants to be better than her and Rufus already thinks she is. Burn!

Leigh: The best dig was really by Rufus. He is the one guy who would never reduce himself to "revenge smut." When he's turned on Lily for good, you know she deserves it.

Christina: It's so hard to choose because I loved every bit of Lily's snarky remarks and even Ivy's constant one-upping. I'll go with "gypsy trash" though.

Steve: "Listen, you vile little interloper. You and Rufus may have rubbed your last two nickels together to replace my art, but the only people that you are making fools of are yourselves." That's just brutal.

6. Who was on the other end of Ivy's mysterious phone call?

Courtney: I'm hoping it's not Lola because that girl was boring. Possibly Serena's dad? I wouldn't mind having a Baldwin back on set.

Leigh: Courtney is sooo right, I didn't even think of it at first. Billy Baldwin is coming back!!! He was photographed on set! Eww how old is Ivy, please say older than we think.

Christina: Scott, Lily and Rufus's love child. How crazy would that be?!

Steve: Gossip Girl! Or Juliet or Eric or Jenny or Jack or William. If I just keep throwing out characters from seasons past that are set to return this fall I figure I'll nail it eventually.

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As Ross said Rachel in series Friends -'' Always were just you Rejc'' , and now Dan has said the same to Serena -'' Always were just you Serena’’!
2. This 6 season is a tribute to 1 and 2 season, so what's before worked best for Blair is now being repeated, so I think that her new collection will be a hit, but for the future Blair will have to rely on proven designer - maybe Jenny Humphrey?
3. This episode is dedicated to reconciliation of Serena and Dan and Georgina's absence had to happen that Dan and Serena back together without interference from the side! But never mind, Georgina will definitely return in episode 6x07, to make more nonsense as usual!


Since the beginning of season 6 so far this is the best episode! At every turn you could see and feel the memories of season 1 and 2, those were the days! Of course the story in 6x06 run its course towards the final end. I must point out that I was convinced that the actors who play Serena and Dan, after all that has happened, can not play out as it was in season 1 and 2, but I'm glad I was wrong! Ms. Blake and Mr. Penn once again showed how great actors they are, and how deep their friendship is that connects them!
1. Everyone knows that I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, and in this episode, Serena and Dan are the main theme, for me the most beautiful scene is in the elevator! Reconciliation of Serena and Dan, and finally to hear an apology from Dan to Serena -'' I'm sorry that I did not say anything to you when you told you loved me! It was easier for me to focus on Blair, than again lose what I most want (view points to Serena)''! As Ross said Rachel in series Friends -'' Always were just you Rejc'' , and now Dan has said the same to Serena -'' Always were just you Serena’’!


1. Blair and Eleanor. 2. Best idea yet. 3. Kind of 4. Somewhere in the middle 5. Vile little interloper 6. William VanderWoodsen. I hope Chuck takes Bart down in spectacular fashion with Blair's help then they marry and that the character that dies is Rufus Ivy or Lily hopefully not one of the NJBC


"end the series the way it began"


I loved the nods to S1 & S2, it felt like the writers knew they needed to acknowledge longtime fans. Chocolate covered strawberries as the link to Dan & Serena's jitney ride back from the Hamptons in S2, going to the bar where they had their first date. Those made me smile.


I think Rufus,Lily,Ivy are acting like snotty high schoolers.Im Dissapointed that Lily chose Bart cause he faked his death,lied to her,kept things from her and she only married him for money & cause Serena asked to to not date Rufus so she could be with Dan.Rufus Dissapointed me too now,he's a kept man,he's sleeping with a girl s young enough to be his daughter and completely ignoring the fact Ivy kicked his family to the streets,took money that was supposed to be Lola's,Lilys,Carols,and impersonated his niece in law and lied to him,tricked him,took advantage of Rufly & Serena's kindness .Lily forgave Bart real quick for faking his death and the illegal oil deal. I liked Blair's blue outfit& headband, that shade and color looks good on her.


I agree with TVFV168, Blair & Elenor were the best part of the episode.Blair running WD is the only interesting thing about this season,The Chuck /Bart war/Bart's secret is boring,Ivy/Rufus are ewww and her revenge against Lily sl is boring.I felt bad for Blair when Elenor said shed demote her.I hope we find out who GG is and that the finale is great.Georgina was awesome at end of season one ,end of season four and season five,but this season -just like season two & three return-I don't care so I'm glad she wasn't in tonight.I hope the finale patches up Blair and Serens friendship.I hope Bliars school uniform line is a hit.I have mixed feelings about Derena.


1)Blair and Yuki's scene on the Met Steps. It felt...nostalgic.
2)Well, it did set a trend when season 1 and 2 were airing so i guess it's not completely unrealistic. I hope it will be a hit.
3)I love Georgina and i adore her latest interactions with Dan, but she was not needed in this episode.
4)Thumbs up! Derena brings a sense of sweetness in the show. I like them...I was sad when they straid from each other and now i'm happy that they're finding their way back to each other.
5)Suprisingly, i was on Ivy's side.Lily is absolutely horrible since she went back to Bart. If Ivy actually had feelings for Rufus, i'd start shipping them.
6)Max? It felt like a boyfriend...Oh, yeah it could be William. Spoiler Alert! Didn't we see photos of Ivy kissing him?


1. Eleanor dressing Blair down for wrecking her company was pretty much the only thing worth watching in this episode. I FF'd thru rest of it.
2. Yet another disastor on the road to bringing Jenny in as Lead Designer at Waldorf Designs. Seriously, Blair didn't wear the actual school uniform, or anybody's take on school uniforms. Why would she think other people will?
3. I didn't even notice Georgina wasn't in the episode.
4. Thumbs Down! I'm all for Serenate. They were the relationship that kicked off the show, they're the relationship that needs to end the show.
5. Like I said, I FF'd thru most of the show - anything that wasn't Blair & Eleanor - so I never caught any Ivy comments. Her rat-nest hair-don't was disgusting though!
6. See first half of #5's answer. And frankly, I don't care.


rufly will get back together but not before the finale i think.

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