Gossip Girl Spoilers: Three Words

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Yesterday, we debated the Gossip Girl question to end all Gossip Girl questions: WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?

After six seasons, the series finale Monday, December 17 will finally answer that long-burning riddle.

One week earlier, in "The Revengers," three words will reportedly flash on the screen at the end of the CW show's penultimate episode. What do you think those three words are, and who are they spoken/written by?

Share your theories on this latest Gossip Girl puzzler with us in the comments below ...

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@stephy I don't prefer that ending either but it's starting to feel like that. Poor kid from Brooklyn.... What. GG writers stop trying to make poor happen. Dan is middle class. Dad is an old rocker and mom an artist. Would have been different if single dad Rufus had to work three jobs to feed the family. Plus what is the bull about Bart bass. From absentee dad to killer. Whatev's


i was thinking the same thing but i refuse to accept thats how this stupid show will end! so no blair and chuck wedding and no baby bass?? and than i guess no serena and dan ending either...i still cant believe they made dan to be that heartless..unless serena forgives him next episode this wont end good...two episodes left! i cant believe they made dan evil till the end. i am also thinking he is so gg!


I meant ostroff stupid autocorrect


It won't turn around. Dan will end up being gossip girl. The UES as we saw it, never existed. Dan met these kids in 9 th grade and went crazy fantasizing about being part of their world. This whole show has just been the crazy musings of Dan Humphrey from his padded room at the ostrich centre.


What the heck was tonight crap episode!!! Soo mad!! Dan played serena this whole time! And than chuck being all stupid to Blair! And dan really is all dark and bad! And all this will turn around in two episodes!!!


F you xoxo, those should be the last three words because no fan base is really happy with this shit.


It better be, Chuck I'm pregnant. And I know, I know, its been a long time, but we don't actually know how long it has been since they were together, in GG time, it could have only been 3 months. B did pass out and I instantly thought she was. If it's something lame, I will be so upset. But then again, it might not be cause in the wedding pics, she is not pregs, unless she still isn't showing then? I guess we will see tonight. Pray it's something good that the Chair fans want to see. I did see where Dan was telling Georgina there is no winning without Serena, and it seems to be very sweet, so since Derena is all wrapped up, let's get Chair done!


Marry me, Blair...




Maybe the plane crash or Bart's death is the what leads to a last minute, spur of the moment wedding. After watching a video of the nuptials it will be romantic. Blair already has the Harry Winston. Their pact is that when they accomplish their seperate goals they'll be together for good. Whether or not one of the reasons the nuptials happen is so she can't be forced to testify is a mute point since it's e

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