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Yesterday, we debated the Gossip Girl question to end all Gossip Girl questions: WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?

After six seasons, the series finale Monday, December 17 will finally answer that long-burning riddle.

One week earlier, in "The Revengers," three words will reportedly flash on the screen at the end of the CW show's penultimate episode. What do you think those three words are, and who are they spoken/written by?

Share your theories on this latest Gossip Girl puzzler with us in the comments below ...

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Seriously Chairs wedding should be so she can't testify against him? Some happy ending that. Makes you wonder if that wasn't the case whether they'd still be just 'almost' together. Terrible reason to get married. Dair was the only decent idea these writers had and then they ruined it once they put them together with terrible storylines. Although that being said no character has had a decent storyline for ages. Three little words??? Should be ending with an abject apology from the writers!


By the way, the synopsis for the finale, gives me hope that the last soriee is a last minute wedding for Chuck and Blair. Most likely o she can't be forced to testify against him. Which is contrived but at least it will lead to their happy ending.


Based on the mess Safran made of the show by making Dair happen we should be glad this season even happened. And that the writers are attempting to salvage what they can. If Dan does end up betraying Serena it would be a ballsy move. A move I'm not sure their willing to make. I see Serena's love redeeming him in the end.


@zoran:lol dont worry, i dont speak from rufly remarried at end.. i speak clear from both ending up as lovers and reunited. but we have a big obstacle there.. and this obstacle is asshole william sighs:( the last pics make me worried. he is in the flashforward.


To Be Continued...


Our sincerest apologies Hopefully said/written by anyone who has made a storyline decision since halfway through season 3


@neddi^^, I do not kill your hope that Lily and Rufus will be together in the end! But it is certain that Lily and Rufus will not again be husband and wife, as they tried and they were not successful! Lily and Rufus have to start their romance from the beginning not to continue what it was 20 years ago, because they can not return the elapsed time! Lily and Rufus have to make sacrifices for their children - Serena and Dan, because Serena and Dan does not have to end up like their parents, their relationship has to succeed and to be crowned with a marriage! And Lily and Rufus will remain lovers as they were, happy together without marriage!


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to be continued. lol


I love you. No more baby. This ends here. One final takedonw.

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