Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who is the Target?

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Gossip Girl's females will soon unite in pursuit of taking down a common enemy.

Their storylines have been divergent and tensions between them palpable at times, but according to E! Online, Blair, Serena, Georgina and Sage will join forces before long. Their goal? Take down a major adversary.

Who could it be? All we know at this time is that their target is male.

Gossip Girl airs its fifth installment of the 10-episode final season this evening on the CW. Share your theories on the mark's identity - and the reason for his imminent demise - in the comments below.

Sage on Gossip Girl

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Drea xoxo

all these spoilers are just confirming that the season won't improve and how the writers have completely missed the mark! its a finale series, endgame and yet all im seeing is new game and unncessary plot devices because they are scared to unite Chair in matriony for some profound unknown reason. make dan become less douchy and more best seller and serena have a purpose in the show still. this whole sage and steven foolishness needs to stop like you did with ben and carter. carter should have been S's endgame and they re-do the rhodes curse in europe.


why sage??
oh come on!
sage just a useless character and new character who just guest star ant useless! vanessa better than sage.
dont know why, the writers brings sage? :/ the exactly is Serena , Blair , Georgina and IVY DICKENS(regular cast)
teaming up againts someone!
not sage.
:S i hope the end of series ,
blair serena georgina teaming up taking down Juliet Sharp by the end of series!
how cool it's that!


Ugh. More bullshit. Isn't this season meant to be about them being adults and maturing out of their old ways into new ones? What does scheming have to do with it? Furthermore, Sage joining Serena and Blair doesn't exactly inspire confidence that these two will become close again if Sage is involved. At this point, I can see why the ratings and demo are terrible, as well as the poor reviews it's getting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show (not as much as I used to though), but I guess you could just say I am angry (and loyal viewer of 5 years) who expects much better and actually deserves better from a veteran show that should really be breaking all it's barriers and dishing out much more interesting storylines. Same old boring and recycled garbage.


Gossip Girl a.k.a Bart Bass. Hahaha!!!

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