Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Will Die?!

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Last month, a deluge of potential Gossip Girl finale spoilers hit the web, with photos from the set and rumors of weddings, children, arrests and endgames circulating faster than you can say "Til Death Do Us Part."

What's real? We'll find out for sure what goes down December 17 ... but what about the events leading up to the grand finale? Well, read on for some crucial details on the second-to-last episode (spoilers) ...

Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Georgina

In the penultimate installment of Gossip Girl, scheduled for December 10 ...

  • There will be a plane crash.
  • Someone will DIE.

That's all we've got for now; the two events may not even be related, and the details of the downed aircraft are being kept closely under lock and key. However, TV Line confirms at least one major character is on board.

What do you make of this scoop? Who do you think passes away in the ninth episode of Gossip Girl Season 6, and under what circumstances? How will this set up the following week's Upper East Side swan song?

Share your comments, theories, predictions and opinions with us below!

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Why does everyone hate Dan? I really like him, his one of my favourites! And anyway, no no no, Chuck can't die, his one of the best characters! :P


Burt is going to die, for sure in a plane crash trying to escape.


@Zoran haha thanks for the info you didn't give much away, I knew there's some sort of secret that Bart's hiding, hope they figure it out! I used to be a Derena fan....and still am, I just hate Dan sooo much because of the whole Dair fiasco from season 5! As long as Chair is safe, I'm good :)


Am I the only one that thinks killing off one of the five core characters on this show with a plane crash is a mistake I think if a character was had to die in this show suicide seems to be the cause of death that would make the most sense and plane crash is just so unrealistic. By the way I read that turn plane crash does happen and that one of the core five experience a tragedy similar to one that happened during the first half of Revenge's first season I'm thinking Blair will be the one falling off the roof a la Lydia.


My instinct is that it is Nate. He's the only major original character left who the writers don't seem to have a clear endgame for at this point. Now that he's left Sage, the only plotline that seems to be developing for his character is the financial problems surrounding the Spectator. It seems like the remaining episodes will probably focus on resolving the Chuck/Blair, Dan/Serena, Lily/Bart, and Ivy/Rufus relationships (plus Blair and Chuck and their respective parents), whereas the story doesn't seem to be progressing toward any kind of predictable (let alone happy) ending for Nate. I would argue that the other characters who have had important roles this season (Georgina, Sage, Steven, etc.) probably don't qualify as "major" characters given how relatively minimal they've been in the grand scheme of the series. I highly doubt Chuck, Blair, Dan or Serena will be killed off. The only hesitation I have at this point is that Ivy did mention to Rufus in the latest episode that her fortune would allow them to take trips together - so we have reason to believe they might be on an airplane.


@adriana, Do not worry about Chuck and Blair they are safe, no more obstacles that prevent the two of them to be together! Except maybe one, but this is not an obstacle as they were in the past - has nothing to do with the other guy or girl. The obstacle is Bart, but do not worry, in 6x08 team up four gorgeous - Blair, Serena, Georgina and Sage - to destroy him! On other sites said that their target could be Dan, but probably that is not true because at least two beauties have feelings for Dan - one is Serena, and the other is Georgina (in vain)! Sorry, if this information you did not want to know! By the way, I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, if you maybe not figured it out of my comments!


@Zoran thank you for your input! I am a very big Chair shipper always was, always will be no matter what, so whatever happens to them in the end is most important to me :P


@adriana, So far episodes that are shown are not anything special, as you could also read in the comments. Like you said 6x01 episode was a good start to season 6, but with 6x02 and 6x03 series is in crisis. Light at the end of the tunnel made a 6x04, but it will be a step forward only with 6x05 episode. After that it should be better with each new episode as we get closer to the end! And if this is the right way to end the story of GG - you'll have to judge that yourself, because I do not know for which couple you cheer! Although, take with reservation what I said, because expectations of us viewers may have to be too big, and many factors influence the events in the series.


I think that chuck will kill bart.. accidently or purposly. Chuck WILL be the at the hand of his fathers death that im sure of. Maybe he is fleeing the country.


Oh Come on! Don't you have your OWN ideas? There's already been a plane crash in Grey's Anatomys season finale about three months ago. So this is definitely not very innovative. In fact it is lame...

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