Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Lending a Hand

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Grey's Anatomy is off next week before returning November 29 with "I Was Made For Lovin' You."

After last night's change of heart (see our Grey's Anatomy review of "Second Opinion"), Callie recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover from his possibly career-ending injury.

Will he get that chance? That remains to be seen, but from the looks of the upcoming episode trailer, he and Callie are prepared to go all-out in pursuit of a solution and the stakes are impossibly high.

Meanwhile ... April's late. Gulp. Think this is for real, or classic misdirection by the producers?

Oh, and there's a bombshell coming in the final five minutes that no one will see coming and which may forever alter the fabric of Seattle Grace (that's us channeling our inner Shonda Rhimes there).

Check out ABC's first promo for the episode and share your comments with us below:

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I have a theory. April is gonna get pregnant but loose the baby. Tv Dramas & Soap Operas have a history of doing this. But I could be wrong.


Love April and Jackson! I was quite pleasantly surprised by them. They made good buddies and you just never know if the chemistry is going to work. IMO they are quite hot and sexy. Like the way she can't keep her hands off him. Heck, who could, LOL? I'm ok with a pregnancy as long as it doesn't go send them into settled couple-no airtime, no drama-happyland. I put this out somewhere, but I rather like the idea of April going into labor when she re-takes her boards and Catherine Avery ending up delivering the baby, unaware that it's her grandchild until she figures it out. However, I'm ok with a plain old pregnancy scare that just shakes up the pair a bit too.


I would like to see Owen paired with somelse maybe April or a intern. Cristina is bitter and selfish I would like to see her with Alex.


April gets positive test results sees Arizona about it pushes her off the table and then hurts herself!


thank you!


THE VOICE IS FROM KEPNER, jeez, she is preggahsss


Wonder what the significance of the clock, time ticking away is. Any guesses, anyone? darinka, The schedule I've seen recently shows eps for Nov 29, Dec 6, and Dec 13. Hope this answers your question.


all i can say AT APRIL IS OMG i can not wait to see the outcome of that and the little shocker in the end. I love GA....Shonda thank god for giving you a great brain and putting u in hollywood


Why is it on on december 6th now?


Oh! George never died and turns up in the last five minutes! And he is going to be a trauma fellow. Izzie got a job to be a fellow in obstetrics and gynaecology. She wants to be the new Addison, now that Addison left Grey's and is going to leave Private Practice. In the last minutes she walks trough the hospital doors, seeing Alex kissing Jo and saying 'Hi, I'm Izzie Stevens. And you must be the woman who has been kissing my ex-husband.'
Off course George and Izzie both need a place to stay and Alex, being generous, let's them stay in his house. I'll bet I am right ;)

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