Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Lending a Hand

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Grey's Anatomy is off next week before returning November 29 with "I Was Made For Lovin' You."

After last night's change of heart (see our Grey's Anatomy review of "Second Opinion"), Callie recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover from his possibly career-ending injury.

Will he get that chance? That remains to be seen, but from the looks of the upcoming episode trailer, he and Callie are prepared to go all-out in pursuit of a solution and the stakes are impossibly high.

Meanwhile ... April's late. Gulp. Think this is for real, or classic misdirection by the producers?

Oh, and there's a bombshell coming in the final five minutes that no one will see coming and which may forever alter the fabric of Seattle Grace (that's us channeling our inner Shonda Rhimes there).

Check out ABC's first promo for the episode and share your comments with us below:

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i think meredith is pregnant and april is involved with the bombshell
i love watching this clip woth april and jackson


Callie will be able to repair derek's hand hopefullly!!
and i don't think the bombshell could be about owen and the lawsuit because they already said it in second opinion


Yeah... I have this feeling that Meredith may be pregnant but they twist it with April in the promo's. I've had a feeling that Meredith would get pregnant, even when they got Zola; sometimes being around babies can change your hormones and all that jazz so it could easily be written in!
need to see more Callie and Arizona and Cristina and Owen!


I have this feeling of that Meredith is preggers, but in order for it to come as a surprise they make a twist were they make us think April is the one.


Another accidental pregnancy of a doctor now less? Really? Please no. It's ridiculous the number of accidental pregnancies on this show. If so, maybe April can go raise the baby back in Iowa. Can we just have some women working without lots of baby drama?


I hope April isn't pegneant! I think the big bombshell is that the plane crash was a terriost attack.


ANOTHER bloody bombshell!? Jesus, Shonda just leave Grey's nice and calm for a few weeks at least!


Unless it's related to Arizona... someone fell on the floor, it's probably her...


Callie will fix Derek's hand, I know it !
Not interested in April and certainly not in her having a kid (unless she goes raise him far far away)
I think the bombshell is about Owen and/or the lawsuit.

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I gotta run. Derek's all fix my hand!