Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Second Opinion"

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Grey's Anatomy is off this week, but returns a week from tonight, November 8 with "Beautiful Doom."

The following Thursday, November 15, comes the sixth episode of Season 9, "Second Opinion."

In it, the doctors continue with their lawsuit, and are forced to confront the realities of their injuries. Bailey tricks Arizona into helping her with a pediatric case, and Cristina tries to find normalcy in her new environment.

Click to enlarge photos from the episode below:

Jackson and Richard
Callie With Derek
Derek With Callie
Andrew Leeds on Grey's
Wise Man Looks On
Can I Help You With Something
Jackson Smiles
Ellen as Mer
Richard, Chief
A Miranda Pic

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They still have a lawsuit they just didn't settle


I do think there going a little over borad with the Dr.Baily chracter she's been very annoying lately. Bootycall Baily! They need to give her more appropiate storylines.


I've just reread the intro. I think I misread the bit about Bailey and the peads case,and that Bailey is trying to restart Arizona in the OR.
But I still think Bailey appears bored with general surgery


I think Bailey is bored with general surgery, hence her being devious getting in on Arizona's surgery.
I think the crash plane was a dud, the company that leased it to the doctors knew. So many things went wrong with the emergency equipment. But Owen's not alerting anyone about the plane being missing will probably come up. The lawyers are always the winners in cases like this!


they did the right choice of not taking the money.


CMA awards for today.
They didn't take the *settlement offer*. The settlement only came about because of the lawsuit and would have stopped the lawsuit if taken. Since it was not taken, the suit proceeds.


Why wasnt there an episode today??


I wouldn't have taken the money either. I support their decision.


If they took the money, it would have ended it. Because they didn't settle, now it becomes a law suit that could drag on for years.


the lawsuit is still on? They didnt take the money. So why is this still going on!