Grey's Anatomy Review: Change of Heart

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While Grey's Anatomy was all about Cristina and Meredith last week, "Second Opinion" went back to involving pretty much every cast member.

For some of the characters, this worked. For a few others? Much was left to be desired.

Derek With Callie

Yay for Cristina being back (although I still wish Dr. Thomas got to join her at Seattle Grace)... but I was prepared for her to be more mean towards the interns. And although her intern nicknames were hilarious, I rather liked seeing her be the teacher in her own blunt way. She always nails her comedic lines as well as the emotional ones, so really it was great to have her a part of the team again.

At the same time, I loved that Bailey worked her magic on Arizona and sort of tricked her into coming to work. It was a genius idea that could have easily backfired. Arizona belongs at work.

But can Derek ever work again? The emotional moments of Callie admitting that Derek wouldn't be able to operate was heartbreaking. She didn't want to admit it, with their follow-up conversation only adding to the stress. These two are friends and seeing them angry and upset was a great moment.

So it was a positive shift when she recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover. I hope he does get to.

As for Owen, I completely understand his outburst on Cristina's work. He just wants to protect her and it was fantastic when she realized that he was the one pushing for her to come back. Is there a chance for thaeir relationship here again? Any at all?

I'm not sure if Cristina is ready for something like that. She did decide to move in with Alex after all.

And I enjoyed getting that old school vibe of when they used to all hang out together. Even Meredith naming off all the problems that Alex had with the place was a fun touch.

It's definitely enjoyable seeing those lighthearted scenes take place, as great as it is to see Jackson squirm with awkwardness around Webber.

I couldn't help but laugh at Jackson getting the dirty email from Webber followed by his mom. And to top it off, Webber telling Jackson he really wanted them to be together was perfect. What an uncomfortable situation.

But of course, with the good, comes the bad.

I'm not digging April's Jesus rants. I get her feelings and frustrations and confusion, but it just feels tiresome. And sure, maybe Jackson digs a little crazy, but I'd like to see them develop beyond the whole "let's have sex, awesome, you're bumming Jesus out" routine.

And as much as the episode was all about sparking change and the recognition of moving forward, I could have done without the intern Jo and her puke-infested patient. It just felt forced in trying to prove that she could prove herself.

In reality, there just felt like a lot was going on, which is usual for the show, but I think I would have been okay with only focusing on a few of the characters in addition to the plane crash damage assessment.

The final result was a shock. They're going to sue the hospital and essentially Owen? That's going to cause a lot of personal drama in that work environment.

Overall, this was a fair episode and something of a transitioning one, but easily forgettable in a pretty good season.

Now I wonder what other dwarf names the interns will get...

What did you all think of the episode? Are you glad Cristina is back? Are you surprised the lawyers want to go after the hospital?


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Is it just me or is Jo supposed to be the new Lexie? I really feel like Shonda is trying to substitute her. I mean look at her:Brown ´long hair,bambi eyes, a beautiful face and it seems like she has a good heart,just like Lexie did. PLUS she's definitely about to fall in love wíth Alex (her teacher, whom she first didn't like..sounds familiar, doesn't it?)
I really hope I'm wrong here, because ít is impossible to subtitute Lexiepedia! I like Jo somehow, because I feel like she's a mix of Izzy and Lexie and she'd be perfect for Alex!
This was the first episode since Mark and Lexie died that I enjoyed watching. I loved Bailey's actions towards Arizona and I had to smile when Arizona appeared in the hospital. I wish her and Callie would finally be happy again, because I love Callie and I feel sorry for her, because she already had to go through so much...
I am done with Christina and Owen! I'd rather like her to be with her new boss than with him again, because Owen is crazy about kids and they'll never end up totally happy, because their imaginations concerning the future just don't fit. I think they should get divorced and both find someone else to spend their lives with.
I hate April's Jesus-bullshit-talk. Damn it girl if you wanna have a desert go and get it and stop whining. Grow up!
Looking forward to the Derek and Callie storyline. I love these two together. It seems to me like Marks death made them grow closer.
But all in all as sad as it makes me to say this, because for a very long time I couldn't imagine living without this TV show, even I am now of the opinion that Grey's Anatomys best days are over. There's nothing more to get than drama drama drama and it doesn't work for me that Shonda brings in new interns all the time that we are supposed to like or even love. We won't! We love the original Grey's Anatomy members and nothing will change that. So I think there should be a happy ending for all of them (as far as this is possible after all they've been through) and the end of the show. Because to me it seems like the storylines are getting worse and worse now.


Adele is too far gone, she's not herself anymore and it's true that they shouldn't ignore that part but I think that she'll probably die some day. This character can't come back from this, her health has degraded way too much, she's as bad as Ellis Grey was.


I have no problem with the Cheif acting single, he is. If you remember from last season, his wife does not know him and in fact she is in love with another resident. He had his angst moment about that and then he loved her enough to let her have this tiny bit of joy. This is not about Jesus for me, it is about April. She is grating to me and it is insulting to Jackson to have to listen to her tirades every time they have sex. Kudo's to AZ for going back to the hospital and for Bailey coming up with that idea. Love Cristina and Mer. I hope Derek gets to do surgery again, it feels like he is getting ready to leave the show with how little he is doing. Oh, my they are suing the hospital,crazy and it does not make sense really at least not to me. They need to find out if it was pilot error, the airlines fault , or ??? I enjoyed parts and did not like parts! Good review, thank you.


I feel like the show is ignoring the Adele situation. They speleothems time make us feel the character but now they have the Chief acting like he's a single man. I don't like it. There should be some struggle. He's married. I would love for Adele to get her senses for a moment right when she walks in on them too. She falls back into the disorder but Richard is shaken by his wife saying he betrayed her again. I just don't like Chief acting like Adele is nonexistent. It's disrespectful of those actually in his situation.


we all love Cristina to come back, Remember it is Owen's been pushing Dr.Jeff Russell so hard to rehire Cristina!! so Blame Owem for what??
I think Cristina now relize how much Owen care about her,that's why she moved out from her own apartment


@notavan - I wonder how many days earlier everyone would have been rescued if Owen had not put his calls on auto-voice mail. What we don't know is for all three calls that Boise Memorial made to Owen - how far apart were each of those calls made to him? 30/60/90 min. apart? Or maybe 2/3 hrs. apart? Do you think that if Owen had taken the very first call made to him, do you really think they would have been found/rescued in 1 day or 2? They were out in thick heavy woods - that is what we didn't see either. The rescue itself was stupid - for all the hype it was a total let down because it answered nothing but maybe if this lawsuit goes to court it will. So to keep blaming Owen or hating Owen - Owen isn't the problem. In my opinion, the problem lies with the fact that they could not be FOUND for FOUR days.


I so agree the lawyers sould be sueing the plane company instead o the hospital. As for Alex now that he has a house it would be a great time to show Karev's family I rember back in season 6 it was said that Alex had a 15 year old sister. Also his brother was send to a mential hospital because he tried to kill there sister. So now that Alex is doing so well ill be nice if she moves in with him.


I so agree the lawyers sould be sueing the plane company instead os the hospital. As for Alex now that he a house it would be a great time to show Karev's family I rember back in season 6 it was said that Alex had a 15 year old sister. Also his brother was send to a mential hospital because he tried to kill there sister. So now that Alex is doing so well ill be nice if she moves in with him.


This was a horrible episode. Except the for the moment with Callie and Derek there was nothing good about it. I am so tired of the writing. Everyone sounds like they all are the same person. There is no variety in the characters. They have taken Balley and made her into a blubbering fool. I really can't stand that. They need to get the people who were behind the first season back and fix this show up. They are trying to make us like these new interns...THEY ARE ANNOYING!!! It is called "GREY'S ANATOMY!!!" Not...ANY NEW INTERNS ANATOMY. The show needs to end!!!


love arizona! love that the happy, cheerful part of grey's anatomy is back at the hospital. can't wait to see her and callie love each other again and show the dysfunction how it's done.

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