Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: The Formula

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In a sneak peek from next week's Grey's Anatomy, the doctors ponder how aggressively to go after those responsible for the crash - and learn the surprisingly cold realities of how that might be achieved.

In "Second Opinion," the doctors sit down with their legal counsel, featuring guest star Andrew Leeds (Bones), and are blown away by the advice they receive. Some are more receptive to it than others.

Will they accept the settlement or pursue more? Should they? There's no easy answer.

Check out that scene, and a second clip featuring Alex's favorite struggling intern, and a third featuring Cristina's return to Seattle and the awkward sit-down with Owen that follows, below:

Follow this link link for our official Grey's Anatomy review of this Thursday's unorthodox Meredith / Cristina-focused episode, then check out two promos for the upcoming "Second Opinion" as well.

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Part 2 : especially cause they said she can't stand him in the next episode. Remember how much Izzie hated Alex first ? Am telling you, she might be the one, better get used to her I think...


It's the season of romance and Alex is the only one that is single. I think Intern Wilson might really be his future gf, it'll be either her or someone we haven't seen yet. Plus, she has some Izzie in her, she's quite emotional too.


And I realize that that happened in the episode before this one. It just started the creepiness. Ewwwww!


Did anyone else think that Dr. Parker coming back to the sofa to have sex with Cristina again was like the creepiest thing ever? Yuck!


Daron...that's the way it works in real life also...interns are at the bottom of the surgical food chain, and the attendings are teaching them to be stronger and better doctors....Sometimes, it's even worse... I agree, if Alex and Jo get together - I'm gonna barf also...


i don't blame owen one bit for being "distant" towards Cristina after all it was she who told him that they coiuldn't go on anymore she was moving on I mean just because she is back doesn't mean he should run after her she has to run after him this time the selfish..... any way I am just glad I don't have to see Dr creepy Parker anymore I hope he does not come back I mean that is one creepy dude but I will miss Dr Thomas I loved him wait maybe that was my first mistake it seems like everytime i like a character on this show they tend to die :(


If Jo and Alex hook up, I think I'll vomit.
As for the pilot, they should really back off of him. He was much as a victim as they were.
In regards to the last video, could Owen seem anymore cold? I get why he's acting that way, but geez.


must watch!!


Bailey said it herself when Karev was being nice to Shales. "We're hard on them not because it's fun; we're hard on them because this is life and death. There's a reason there's a pecking order in the hospital."


Owen didn't wear the ring, wants to move on?
feel the lawsuit thing kinda boring!! get past!
Alex and cute intern story, I really hope Alex stop sleeping around~~

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