Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: The Formula

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In a sneak peek from next week's Grey's Anatomy, the doctors ponder how aggressively to go after those responsible for the crash - and learn the surprisingly cold realities of how that might be achieved.

In "Second Opinion," the doctors sit down with their legal counsel, featuring guest star Andrew Leeds (Bones), and are blown away by the advice they receive. Some are more receptive to it than others.

Will they accept the settlement or pursue more? Should they? There's no easy answer.

Check out that scene, and a second clip featuring Alex's favorite struggling intern, and a third featuring Cristina's return to Seattle and the awkward sit-down with Owen that follows, below:

Follow this link link for our official Grey's Anatomy review of this Thursday's unorthodox Meredith / Cristina-focused episode, then check out two promos for the upcoming "Second Opinion" as well.

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Daron, I think it's the way it is, they went through that themselves.
Sloan humiliated Karev in the beginning and asked Izzie to get him coffee. George also was humiliated by Burke during the appendectomy, etc etc.


I wish all the doctors will stop being so mean to the interns. Such hypocrites!!!


They finally talk about the pilot of the plane !
Weird vibes between Owen and Cristina but I'm sure they'll get back together some time soon.

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