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This Thursday on Grey's Anatomy, things are tense between Owen and Cristina as the latter re-acclimates to life at the hospital with no idea why Hunt brought her back. His take on that topic is both blunt and harsh.

In another clip, Owen advises his staff not to be distracted by the lawsuit brewing with the doctors involved in the plane crash. Hunt, of course, played a key role in sending the surgeons on the ill-fated flight.

Meanwhile, Bailey argues with Ben over their imminent nuptials, and Meredith treats a patient who is, say, a bit hands-on. No additional word on the Jackson-April situation that we saw in the promo ... yet.

Watch four clips from Thursday's episode, "I Was Made For Lovin' You," and comment below:

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GA should give CO more screentime, they should start dating,making small talk, Please don't waste the time on doing the jealousy story, the cheating and sex fiend make me sick!!


I only think that Stephanie's crush will be Owen because she supposedly is going to have one and we haven't seen any interaction between them yet. I prefer it to not be Owen because quite frankly, Owen and Cristina have been through enough and have caused each other enough damage and pain. I'd like to put that problem to rest for good. I think she's spoken around Avery, Alex and Derek and she seemed fine.


Stephanie's crush is probably Shane the intern or Jackson. Heck her crush could be Cristina or Callie. Lol


Why do you think Stephanie will have a crush on Owen?


I always love Owen and Cristina as a couple,brilliant, passionate, loyal in love, now they're confusing about saving marriage and moving on? it's a cruel reality!!
but GA is a drama show, whatelse do you expect GA to make?


I used to think it would be great to bring Burke back to cause jealousy or friction between Cristina and Owen, even though I know Isaiah Washington would never come back. But even if they brought in a new person to do that, I'm afraid Owen is the one that's going to cause jealousy for Cristina. Intern Stephanie has a crush on "someone". We've seen her with most of the other male regulars and she can speak fine to them. But we haven't seen her interact with Owen. I think it's going be him that she has the crush on and Cristina will see it at Bailey's wedding. I think she and Owen have flipped their positions now. Cristina seems willing to consider forging ahead with Owen, but now he's hurt and angry and HE doesn't want to. I'm just looking forward to the upcoming episode where they have sex again. I hope it's soon because this has gone on way too long. It's getting tiring and after last season,it's time. I love them together but either get them back together or get it over with.


I totally agree about Owen and Cristina. I understand both but this fight is neverending, they need to split up for good or get back together !


he wants kids. Either one of them gives in or i think they really should end things.cause thats not healthy.Its getting ridiculous, exhausting and its a disrespectful behaviour of the writers to the CO fans. Its about time it either gets better or ends for good.


I am afraid there is no right or wrong when it comes to Cristina and Owen.Some are on her side and some on his. I understand how hurt she is because of his cheating and its definately not something you overcome that easy.In real life its almost always the end.Cause its hard to rebuild trust again and faith.But as wrong and cruel it was what he did so was what she did. There are people who dont want kids. thats ok.but the ones who want them cant agree to what she did. i often wonder if those people understand it a bit.You just cant judge.They should have talked about it instead of covering it with sex. I know CO love each other very much.Its not fair to blame owen for acting this way now. Come on he rehired her for just one reason. must i really write it down. It was Cris who wanted him to stop calling her.who left him twice. She says she doesnt know what she wants in the sneak peak.But at some point she needs to figure it out. Owen knows what he wants. he wants her and "unfortunately" he wants kids. Either one of them gives in or they both just let go and finally move on. Its about time.Cause this yes no or maybe is getting kinda ridiculous, exhausting and is a huge disrespect to CO fans.


That's what I meant, too... they're: - Nice! ;)

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