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This Thursday on Grey's Anatomy, things are tense between Owen and Cristina as the latter re-acclimates to life at the hospital with no idea why Hunt brought her back. His take on that topic is both blunt and harsh.

In another clip, Owen advises his staff not to be distracted by the lawsuit brewing with the doctors involved in the plane crash. Hunt, of course, played a key role in sending the surgeons on the ill-fated flight.

Meanwhile, Bailey argues with Ben over their imminent nuptials, and Meredith treats a patient who is, say, a bit hands-on. No additional word on the Jackson-April situation that we saw in the promo ... yet.

Watch four clips from Thursday's episode, "I Was Made For Lovin' You," and comment below:

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Owen is the new miserable Derek, lashing out in anger. Actually he's always been harsher to Cristina than to others, but that doesn't make you a better chief Dr Hunt. Any self respecting chief would've pulled aside his surgeon and spoken to them of his concern on operating without the attending's clearance. But no, he had to make a huge scene and humiliate Cristina in front of her interns and everybody else on the floor. And it turned out that his 'fears' were unfounded anyway and she saved the life of the patient. He owed Cristina an apology on a professional level for that outburst, regardless of whether they have issues. He's the chief and he should act like one.


indeed the scene with meredith and her patient is funny :)


It is boring all This story with Owen And Cristina. Bring Someone Back To cause jealous To Owen. He Needs to be afraid on losing Cristina.


The scenes with Meredith's patient are funny lol
I'm sad for Owen, Shonda needs to make him less miserable, it's painful to watch, especially now that we know what's gonna come for him, with this lawsuit... Arizona is back to work :)

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