Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Who Will Die in 2013?!

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First, it was George O'Malley. Then, Lexie Grey. Most recently, Mark Sloan.

Who will fall next on Grey's Anatomy? Let the speculation begin now.

According to reports, in early 2013, someone else we know will die.

It's a longtime character, apparently, and one very much beloved.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Cast Photo

That's all we have to go on right now, and clearly "longtime character" could mean many things. Who do you think is in danger this time? What circumstances do you think could bring about his/her demise?

Is there anyone in particular you would be crushed to see pass away in 2013, even though some of these arcs make for the most moving episodes? Conversely, whose death might make the most sense?

Share your comments, concerns and theories with us below ...

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It can't be Richard because the actor, along with the original season 1 actors all signed two year contracts when season 9 negotiations ended. It's either Addison or Adele, with the latter more plausible than the former. The former's a possibility since the death will occur in 2013, which means it'll ocincide with PP ending, although, Kate Walsh said would be happy doing guest spots in GA.


Get it straight people... Katherine Heigel left because she adopted a child and she wanted to be there in the early years to raise it. She may not have come back for money reasons but please don't make her sound like a total a-hole. And yes it would be stupid to kill her off. She is NOT ON THE SHOW ANYMORE PEOPLE!!!!


I think richard dies. I think Owen leaves the series. Let us hope that Izzy comes back with a whole new story. and yet I am not convinced that George is dead. I do not know it. I think he has gone away and that he very much time for themselves has needed.


In some ways, Izzie is a longtime and beloved character... and Shonda Rhimes said some years ago that she might announce that Izzie died from cancer... but then she changed her mind. I don't think she's still part of the show. Katherine Heigl won't come back, there is no room for Izzie anymore in the new storylines...and there is no point in killing her now, she left too long ago. For my whole analysis about the future dead character, please go here : For my whole a


Someone please let me know, why on earth it cud be Izzy? She has left many episode ago and told fans she wasnt come back untill they approve her demands?


I had originally thought it would be Adele. But I hope that the writers are brave enough to let Izzie be written out of Alex's life and be the character who dies. Shonda acknowledged they did write a script killing off Izzie a couple of seasons ago, but it was dropped as a Sl. I feel so disconnected to Izzie. Adele is one of my favourities, so I'll be REALLY upset if she dies.


Opinion Update: I think it's going to be Teddy *or* Addison. Kim Raver (Teddy) just recently scored the lead in one of Lifetime's very anticipated tv series. I think they're going to kill Teddy off Grey's so there are no loose strings. She's not there anymore, but she is definitely beloved and she is definitely a longtime character (seasons 6, 7, and 8 is three years - three years is a long time by tv show lengths). Sooo yeh, Teddy or Addison.


Pretty sure it´s Adele. She´s been around since the first season, an original even if not a main character and the actress is very beloved by the writers. It doesn´t really mean beloved to the fans when they say that. Her Alzheimer´s is progressing fast since the 7th season and the actress is off to do other things now. Also, it would free Webber to be with Mama Avery without being a cheater on his sick wife which would be fine with me. I know she doesn´t remember him and technically has an ´affair´ of her own now, but she´s been through hell with Webber while he cheated on her with Ellis Grey for years and then got treated like dirt for most of their thirty years of marriage with necglect and avoidance. Doubt she felt like a woman being married to him but he can´t take it for the short time his wife has left and show SOME honor? Honestly, killing off Adele would make the most sense and certainly help remove the bad taste of cheating that Richard is always so good at.


i dont think someone will die in 2013, it's gonna be like the end of season 7, when everyone thinks everything is okay then it turns out being a really complicated situation between merder or cristina n owen. the worst case, adelle or richard leaving the show, and it's personally fine with me. hope alex will be dating jo in 2013


I dont think it's Izzy. Katherine hegli left the show because she wanted more money. She told fans she wasnt coming back until her demands were made. I think its Adele.

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